Daddys List

Daddy and i went on a date. It was a rough day for us both. We both needed fun together. The moment He arrived and sat down ,showed me everything i needed to know, i really do care about this man, my Daddy!
As we were talking, i listen carefully as each time we are together He reveals more to me. I feel honored that He shows me in little ways that I matter to Him. He smiles at me, immediately I’m wet.

Daddy grins at me, and says;
” Let’s play a game?”

My first thought was ,’ yay, playing a game with Daddy’. But little did i know that He had a hidden agenda. Daddy was going to flip the bottle cap, from His coke bottle, and however it lands , my ass will pay for it, one way or another. I think the fun just left this game. Daddy looks happy with each flick of the cap. He’s keeping score meticulously. Then adds that He has a list of several indiscretions that i am guilty of, and it will take more than one session on my ass to get through them all. List? Is Daddy like Santa? Did He check it twice, see if I’ve been naughty or nice. Sounds like naughty s winning.

I am shocked. Just when i think He’s to god damn busy , He shows me again that He is always two steps ahead of me. I would like to invoke a new rule, any indiscretions not dealt with in 48 hours, it becomes null and void. I seriously doubt that Daddy will give me this rule, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

As the night went on, i had so much fun just hanging out with Daddy, no matter what we are doing. Just being in His company is enough.

At the close of the evening, Daddy walks me to my car. Opens the door to my backseat, and we enter the car. Granted we are both horny people, and we will do it anywhere. After kissing Him, I’m already to go. I climb onto His lap just to feel His body against mine. I start dry humping His cock, between our jeans. Daddy lifts my shirt, and frees my breasts, but only so He can take my nipples in His mouth, and the sensation has a direct connection between my legs, i could easily cum right then and there. I get off Daddy’s lap, just so i can free His cock from His jeans,  and put it in my mouth. My Daddy’s cock is sweet as candy. I take Him deep to the back of my throat, damn that’s good! Daddy is moaning! Yay, i got to drive Him as crazy, as He drives me! Then Daddy looks at me as i bring my head up, and He says;

” Drop your pants now” 

Hmm, i am more than happy to obey! As i love sex with my Daddy. He shoves His cock into His pussy. Yes, it might between my legs, but every inch of my body belongs to Him. Damn, that feels so good, i want Him deep inside me. Oh fuck yeah Daddy.

” Can you cum for me babygirl?” He asks.

Umm yeah! Within seconds i am ready, and of course i must ask,

” Daddy may i please cum?”
” Yes babygirl, cum for Daddy”

No problem, my body releases wetness, and my legs shaking, as the orgasms keep flowing. Daddy knows how to get my body going. Fuck, i needed that. My only problem, Daddy said i could only cum once. Once? But Daddy. He knows that starts this frenzy between my legs, i crave Daddy every time. I need more. He does let me play with toys when i get home. Which brings on more orgasms. Sadly, they are no match for Daddy’s hard, huge cock inside me. But i get sex with Daddy soon.

I can hardly wait!!.

Thank you Daddy, i had so much fun with you!


One thought on “Daddys List

  1. Selina says:

    Santa can be fun too! (Giggle)

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