A time to be happy

As of today, i signed final papers on my court case against my ex. I didn’t get everything i asked for, but i did ok.

I have to thank my Daddy, he’s been by my side for 5 months of the crap of this case. He has let me cry, bitch, be stressed out completely. He reminded me each time that it was going to be fine. The moment i signed my name on those papers, all the stress ran out of my body. I was happy, i was hungry, i felt like i had been missing my life for the last year, and not fully 100% able to give myself to my life.

Today i felt so grateful that i have such a patient Daddy. He has been so sweet, so helpful, so forgiving. I haven’t been myself , and i hope He lets me make it up to Him!

As i am His babygirl, and His slave. His every wish, will be a divine treat to give to Him. He’s quite deserving. What man would want to deal with all of that negative emotion, from the woman they care about? That right there shows just how much He has cared for me. How important i have really been.

What a man, i do honestly feel very lucky indeed. Now to show Daddy just what He means to me!

I love my Daddy! ❤💋❤


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