Babygirls list on Daddy

If Daddy can have a list, so can I. I bet my list is nicer than Daddy’s!!, as i don’t think about Him being a meanie, or that sometimes even Daddy’s can be bratty and quite possibly need their own spankings, but we will leave that one alone! Lol

So, Daddy wants to do put things on a list for us to do together, because He wants to see what all these activities are like, because my boobs are so big , it makes them hard to do.

Here is my list of things that are hard to do because of my boobies are to big, in the way.

1. Shooting pool
2. Bowling
3. Riding Daddy’s cock
4. Taking a bath ( they float)
5. Giving a massage
6. Cooking
7. Cleaning
8. Food shopping
9. At the gym
10. Flossing teeth
11. Riding Him cowgirl style
12. Bending over and laying down, hard to be flat when you have boobs
13. Cant put your legs behind your head, they are in the way.
14. Shaving legs
15. Eating is different, boobies catch everything that falls
16. Riding on a motorcycle, when holding onto your guy, you can only get so close. Boobies have to be right there.
17. Laundry , the basket is in the way of your bobbies.
18. Cant lay on your stomach, sleep on your stomach.
19. Blowjobs
20. Showers
21. Rape play
22. 69
23. Bent over the table
24. Under the table
25. In the backseat
26. On a cross
27. Over his knee
28. The gym ( needed to stress it more than once)
29. Hugging
30. Carrying anything
31. Shooting guns
32. Lol you can get out of tickets!!! Ok, i do love my boobies

There are so many things you cant  do on a daily basis, since boobies are always in the way. But Daddy wants to see for himself how in the way they are!


2 thoughts on “Babygirls list on Daddy

  1. Cara says:

    OK, it’s none of my business, but I’m going to say it anyway: WHY DOES YOUR DADDY WANT TO SEE HOW IN THE WAY YOUR BOOBIES ARE?

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