Kitten takes a lover (original story)

Kitten, had already spoken to her Sir about playing with some girls. He had ok’d this kind of activity ,since he worked such long hours and knew that she had a bit if a wild streak in her. He gave her a little space to see how she would do without him involved in the play. He was still in charge of all she did, but he needed to know if she would play and behave herself, or go to wild that he would have to put her on lockdown.

This was the first time that kitten had played outside of the relationship with her Sir, she didn’t really count threesomes,that was more for Sir. She had this insatiable appetite for sex and lust.  One ,that up til now, only Sir quenched. She was curious to see what kind of woman could fill his void. Tall,short, blonde, brunette. There was simply so many to choose from, where would she start. Dating sites seemed to give promise of finding that special  someone. She browsed for a while, seeing many that looked like a good fit, she was now getting mssgs as well. As kitten was quite the cutie herself, even her Sir knew that she was the one he could trust, it was the rest of the world, always flirting with what was his.  Kitten did wonder if Sir was really going to be ok with her seeing another person, female or not. She wondered about having a few girls to play with,  Sir had never talked about that.

While kitten was getting to know many girls. Well, it was a hook up site. She found that many  girls already had a relationship or marriage, but they were wanting something with a female. Here was another thing that kitten didn’t plan on, Sir said nothing about it. How was she to handle that. Does she just go ahead and meet them. They do seem to be the females who were looking to connect the most. She started texting a few that were relationships, what was the harm she thought. Not bringing it to Sirs attention faster was her first mistake. She found a woman that seemed to really connect with her. They were makings plans to meet that night. They would go clubbing, have some fun, dinner and back to the females home for maybe some playtime.  All sounded good to kitten. So she made the date. Since it was only a few hours til then, she started getting ready.

By the time on her phone, she needed to get out the door. Last thing was to make sure she has her collar on, as it was only required when she went out. Out the door kitten went, looking for a very good time. No worries, fully charged phone which was a requirement,  GPS on as Sir was always able to locate her, just incase. As she drove, she was thinking of how hot the girl was she would be meeting, kitten was starting to get wet before she ever arrived.

Once on the other side of town, kitten was alittle lost. She finally found the club where she was meeting her new friend. Upon entering,  the girl found her!

“You must be kitten” she said, kitten smiled in agreement.
“You must be katie” kitten purred. Katie smiled at kitten, they were already hitting it off. They made their way through the club , to a table that katie was already at sitting at. Katie had kitten set her stuff down , then drug her to the dance floor. They were already dancing, touching each other. Kitten was smiling to herself, this was going so well.

After a few hours of grinding on each other, they were both getting so hot and bothered, kitten could hardly contain herself. Katie moved in close ,and then pulled kitten in for a kiss. Things were going very well. They had decided to go back to katie’s home, eat there, and as both were so turned on, maybe some playtime! As they were leaving kitten finally remembered  to text her Sir. He had been worried, not having heard from her for hours. She assured him that she was fine, but that they were going to the girls home to eat. Kitten kept her mssgs short, sweet for Sir.  Kitten knew if he thought she wasn’t following rules, or anything going on that he wasn’t aware of, he would send her home. She was having so much fun that she didn’t want to go home, plus she knew he would did approve of her going to a strangers house. Kitten wanted some fun, he told her to have fun. So she was going to do just that.

Once they were at katie’s home, katie went and changed into something more revealing. Kitten didn’t mind at all, as katie had a great body. They were in the kitchen finding something to eat, when katie pushed kitten up against ghe wall, started really kissing her. Then her hands were all over kitten. Once she got to her the thigh area, she raised kittens skirt, and put her fingers on kittens slit. They both smiled at each other.

“Are you wet for me?”, asked katie. Kitten smiled and started to touch katie’s body too. She could her breasts thru her shirt, that was making her worse. Katie unbuttoned  her shirt to reveal her breasts. Kitten started to touch them, as katie started fingering her kitty. Hmmmm, they were both so hot and turned on. Katie took kitten by the hand, they went down a hallway to a bedroom. Kitten was a little nervous,but more horny then anyone at this point.  Katie started pulling at kittens clothes. Kitten wasn’t resisting. She was naked within moments, kitten got katie to take hers off too. Now playtime just became real. Kitten knew her rule was to take pics for Sir if she played, but she wasnt about to stop for pictures. Katie placed kitten at the foot of the bdd, and started to bite the inside of her thigh, before entering her. Katie was rubbing on kittens clit, kitten was going crazy. Kitten closed her eyes, and laid back ,let katie do as she wanted. It felt so good, kitten missed her Sir, and would much rather have cock, but knew he was to busy. So she let those thoughts go for now. Kitten was starting to cum by being fingered by katie, when she felt katie’s head between her legs, and her tongue go in. It just took her breath away. That was so good. Kitten was really enjoying herself,her eyes closed, Cummings again and again. Then she felt some strange, another pair of hands on her body. She opened her eyes, there was a male in the room. Kitten was startled, and found herself being touched lightly by him. He never asked if he could. Kitten was trying to get off the bed when katie looked up at her, said I told you my boyfriend wanted to you, that’s all. But you did get him hard. Kitten was uncomfortable with him touching her. She knew Sir would kill her, or beat her ass so bad she never leave the house again.

Katie could tell kitten was getting upset. katie asked kitten if she wanted him to leave the room. Kitten shook her head yes. So katie asked her boyfriend  to back off . He was unhappy but did as katie suggested. Katie wanted kitten to relax again. So they went to the shower, kissing and touching all over again. Kitten enjoyed this a lot. Katie left for a min, and came back with some toys. Katie slipped some handcuffs on kitten and locked her in the shower. She was ready to use toys on her kitten was restrained and had to do as katie guided her, which put her in a kneeling position at first. Katie has a bath seat in her shower, so she sat and brought kitten over to her by her hair. Katie opened her legs, and pushed kittens head between her legs, kitten was happy to oblige. She started licking and sucking on katie’s clit. Katie was Cummings fast, kitten slipped a few fingers into her ass, she what she could take. Katie’s loud moans, we’re making the boyfriend  jealous, he really wanted to be part of the fun. Kitten wasn’t having it. Katie was so into the fun that she wasn’t even paying attention to anything else. The girls were in their own little world. Katie pushed kitten back just a little, she bent over the seat,  spread her ass cheeks,she wanted kitten to do some rimming.kitten locked her lips and buried her head right between katie’s cheeks, and swirled her tongue, entered only a little. Katie was hot and bothered beyond belief. Both were having way to.much fun. Kitten hadn’t checked her phone in quite sometime. Her Sir set a time for be home, no matter what. If she was late she was in trouble. She explained  to katie that she had to know the time. Katie was getting some towels for them to dry off , she held one out to kitten. Then went to check her phone.

“It’s almost 2am” katie said

“Oh fuck, I have go now, I’m already late ” kitten replied frantically.

Kitten was dressed in minutes, and out the door. The one thing that usually happened was that Sir went to bed early. She knew he would know she was alright. She thought about what to text while driving home. She texted him;

“Sorry Sir, I was home on time but forgot to leave my goodnight text. I had fun tonight” -send

Kitten was trying to get home as quickly as she could. Pulled into her still wet, clothes were wrinkled, but she was home.

As she walked through the door , nearly twenty mins to 3am. She was pulling her clothes off, heading for her bathroom to put her hair up, that’s when she noticed him. Sir was sitting in the chair in the corner of her room , with belt in hand, just waiting for her to get home.

“So,you were home early huh kitten? I don’t agree. But this has been the third time you have been late, and you think I’m not paying attention.” Sir said on an angry voice.

Kitten was already scrambling to her knees. To be before him. She knew what was coming. She had no doubt on her mind that she pushed him to far this time, she just didn’t expect this.

“Do you have anything to say kitten? Or do you just want what is coming to you right now?, because afterwards, you will tell me everything that happened, and there might be more.” He said

Kitten was already in slave position, eyes to he ground. She had nothing to say. But she knew once he found out about the night she had with katie. More would be coming…

Sir walked over to her, grabbed her by her hair, kitten followed as he guided her where to go. He pushed her over the side of her of her bed. Her ass fully exposed to him.

“I guarantee kitten, you won’t be happy,  no tears, you did this to yourself. Would you like to know how I know?”

She shook her head yes..

“Your gps, I have you put it on just incase anything happens to you. I know where you are at all times. That’s how I know you will tell me all about tonight, and how I know you lied in your text. You have been a very bad girl”.

Kitten started to have tears well up in her eyes, she never meant for Sir to get mad. She wanted to have some fun.

“Count ,now” he said angrily

Kitten started… 1…2…3…


A deal with the devil


It sounds extreme, or alittle improper, but it will make sense, keep reading! Would I lie… only to save my ass from Daddy, but even then it’s useless.

What do you do when you have a challenge before you? Well, one of 2 things, either face it or run from it. Since I’m a wild baby girl, only fear I ever acknowledge  is snakes, hate those fuckers. So, when my Beast is telling  me that He sees a change in me, and not for the better. Idea, time for some self reflection.

Now I must take the time, figure out what changed. How to deal with it, or not.

Now that I have the Beast breathing down  my neck. Requesting that I tell Him what changed. I must face myself, any demons. My conclusion, was that the past and the present, finally met up. Football analogy works well here. All are in position at the yardline, everyone is ready for the ball to be in play, but who has control of the ball? The past, or the present?

I can honestly say, I have worked on so many past issues in the 6 months with Daddy. I am not sure if He was fully aware of it all, but to not give Him credit would be beneath me. Usually when I think He’s to busy, not paying attention,  I’m wrong. So, without even having that conversation  with Him, we will assume for everyone’s sake that My Beast is not a stupid man, and saw the damage path in me, and just pressed on.

He has pushed me very hard in these six months together. I pushed back, I also surrendered and kneeled before Him, Out of complete reverence. Anyone who was willing to put in the time as He has, definitely  earned my respect. I have been hurt beyond  repair,  or so I mistakenly thought. He has so kindly pointed out many times, that He will not allow me to stay there.

This last push, was to finally break me into pieces, the last remnants of the past that reflect in me. He saw it all. I thought I was hiding them so well. From everyone else, yes.  Hiding them from the Beast, no. He pushed, I pushed. He pushed harder, I stood there and took whatever He threw at me, daring to never back down. I’m anything but weak. How dare He think I am. Only, He doesn’t . Now I was confused.

“WHY BREAK ME?” I scream.

“Because I want to, I will do as I wish with you. Broken you shall be” He growls

The fire I feel inside, at these moments, is red hot. I can’t even look Him in the eye. As I see what He means. If I stayed the way I was, I lose. To give Him what He wants, I grow and get to have a life.

In that moment, I hate Him, but I love Him. A past Dom started this work. I only let Him get so far. He wasn’t staying in my life, so why let Him see me shine. Why give Him the credit? So I left Him. But with my Beast, the devil, it’s completely different.  He says He will be staying. I guess six months showed me that He meant it.

As i got comfy with Him, He changed our game plan. It was Him deciding, when was the moment to start pushing again. I have fought Him,hard too. He gave a command, I questioned. He was not amused. I didn’t expect Him to be, just answer my damn questions.  He would be silent. MOTHER FUCKER, I hate His silence. But then it started breaking me, be silent unless about a rule, do as He wants, be calm.He reminded me He was pleased I withstood testing.  He kept pushing. Final test on it was no sex, and He was barely speaking, for a good chunk of time. My sub friends would look at me, say they wouldn’t let a dom hurt me or disrespect  me like that. I would have to say then you don’t understand true submission.

It’s ok to push your sub out of Her comfort zones, past her breaking point. If Hes a true Dom, then He will catch her when  she falls, He will know her true limit as He can see it all, where she cannot. I was clouded in my own judgment.

As I prepare for this final battle. I’m was geared up and ready. When I say final, no He’s not leaving , neither am i. But I hate giving in. He has put me on task, He has beaten my ass,  and yet I won’t give in. This moment had to be extreme enough for me to understand, He couldn’t wouldnt give me control, it had to be done. I had to face this moment on my own.  But this self reflection, I really looked in the mirror, I am done fighting. I like all the small breaking He has done, it was for my best. So, why should this be any different.  I start to take off the armor, no battle this time. He completely  said, ” fuck your comfort zones babygirl, this is the biggest push, and you will take it. I will be with you, but I won’t back down,but  you better. My way, not your way, choose.”   I thought he nearly killed me. He warned me in texts ‘ not to piss Him off ‘.

As It took every ounce of me, every shred of life in my body to give Him what He demanded from me. I gave it. I was like a cat pacing the floor,  back and forth. I was looking for a weak spot to go for the jugular, none. It would happen with/without my acceptance. I wanted to reach out and hurt Him, as He was killing off the last bit of the old me. He didn’t need to be near me, His voice on a phone is enough to make me bend. Make me think. Do I really love Him? Do I really want Him in my life? Do I see this lasting a long time? I tried telling myself it wouldn’t matter,  but the answer damn well mattered. How do you fight for something if you don’t take a stand? You can’t.

The deal I made with my devil, my Beast, was for Him to do what He must. Break me, make me fully His, own me, but on His terms only, He would do as He must to take me. Penetrate every part of me, inside and out. He was prepared for the fight to my death. The death of my past, death of my old life. The devil himself had a fight on His hands. He never backed down from me, or cowered in the corner,  or ran crying Home to mommy. No, He stood in front of me, arms crossed, eyes full of fire, spit like venom. Everything I have ever needed.

When He was with me recently after the battle, as He came in I kneeled before Him, I surrender. He grabbed me by the hair, pushed me on the bed,  lowered my panties, put my arms behind my back and held me there. He fucked me from behind, with the hand in my hair He pulled me off the bed, and pulled me into Him, placing His free hand across my waist, bringing His head to my ear, his voice strong and clear, he said,

” You are mine, I will do as I please with what’s mine, understand?”

All I could do was shake my head in agreement. As I won’t walk away, but I must give up my resistance. He wont walk away, Im still in His chains. I can feel the fire in His words burn my flesh, He pushed me back onto the bed, and did as He pleased. He doesn’t have any idea how much I needed His last push, or for Him to remind me that I have been claimed in His name
(♡ My Daddy, Master, Beast, and the devil himself♡) My pleasure and my pain.

The real me survived. He knew I would.

I love you Daddy, and you most definitely know it!

All of me… All of you

This says it all so perfectly. I do feel this is what Daddy was trying to tell me!

Thank you Daddy♡




Stop pushing me

Well, that’s what I want to say. But those words will never come out of my mouth, as it would just spur on more tasks. He would see it as a quest to break more things in me. With all the breaking of me, I should be a diamond when He’s done.
Things I am not allowed, by His law, to do:
Never back away from Him
Never say no to Him
If I’m on task, get it done asap. ( with as little complaints as possible, he loves that)
Follow my rules.

I have my best friend of 4+yrs, she has been the Domme in my life for a while. As she gives Him control over me, she will still share things with Him. I must watch myself with either of them, as they are hunter/gatherers (dominants).
I am as smart, never let them see me sweat. They will use that against me. Never show fear, they can smell it in the air, like a dog on a hunting trail. Dear god, why are there 2 dominants here, I must love a challenge.  Stupid girl.

As I plead with the Domme to help me, tell me how to do each task that I hate. Show me how to try to enjoy them rather then cry,complain,  and throw a tantrum. She just throws her head back, and laughs. I am at their mercy.

She asks me what He has asked me to do. I tell her that I think He has confused me with Betty crocker, or Martha Stewart minus prison. Well, life with them… nah let that one go!

She has this grin on her face, she says in a passing tone,
“You don’t do dresses , and only sexy skirts” she smiles an evil grin, she knows what He’s doing to me, she wants to see what will happen.

.” save me from these tasks”. But she just smiles.

” You need someone stronger than you, He is. Someone who will take control of you, and not put up with your shit, He does. I won’t save you, I want to see what He does with you. I’m watching, if I feel you will be harmed, then I will question Him” 

She leaves me. Standing there between my 2 dominants that love control. As she has taken more of a backseat and let’s Him do as He should.

I will not let Her leave my life, I need Her, as she is the only female ever ( mom issues) to gain my respect and control. I do still spit venom at Her, until she picks up her phone… she reminds me He is only a text away . I immediately back down. Give Her control back. I will not choose to disobey Her and then deal with Him. It’s usually  worse for me.

“What if I cannot make Him happy?” I ask.

“Babygirl, you missed the point ,you already have, you submitted to Him”.she says.

She can be so encouraging. Sometimes I forget why I need them both. I don’t think He has any idea, that she got me to submit without having sex or any relationship with her. I owe Her everything as well. When I was in the gutter, used, broken, just a bloody mess. She didn’t walk by ,or judge me. She stood in front of me, called to me. Told me to get up, never let them see me this way.

She cleaned me up. Set me a path, not my true path, that was for any dominant I chose. She took care of me. Let me party, while on Her leash. I could have lots of sex, but she liked that I had rules for them to follow, and I never backed down.  Where they saw beauty, she had seen the me that was dying from misuse. She vowed to not let me die, and instead make me stronger,lovely, let my fun side out. She had no idea I was the wild one of them all. She does now! She really has her hands full with me, so does He.

But as she lovingly points out, you are having a tough time because of the past. I think to myself,  ‘no shit ‘. I could never say that she would text Him, maybe even call Him…

“Do you know what your babygirl just said?” ( I can hear her say it to Him now )

Yss, they are sort of like a set of parents. Lol. When I think back over my childhood, I never had what they give me. I was always rebellious.  But then there was no one at home but me, I was stuck raising their kids. But now, things have changed. That second childhood that most remark about, I’m having that, but mine is not so much fun.

No candy, no.pop, be in by a certain time. Don’t spend money. Who are my friends.  What am I doing with my life. I am not wearing that out of the house.  Treat them properly. Treat myself properly. What they say goes, but mostly it’s Daddy.I must write. No drinking. Stay off my phone. Check in with Him. They will know what I’m doing at all times. Get my ass to school. Stop biting my nails.

Rules when I was a kid, rules now that I’m a grown ass babygirl, only with sex, and spankings. Funny thing, I broke the rules back then too. Only now someone actually cares, and holds me accountable, Daddy, and Ma’am.


Choose now…

His words burned through my mind like a wildfire taking on the desert, it will destroy everything  in its path. I knew when we spoke last, He has some kind of plan forming in His mind. I just had no idea that it would push me to the brink. Make me want to run from my life, not face this imminent death of my old self. He pushes me so hard, He only has one prisoner, my mind. I am strong willed.I have this feeling that He is not worried about me surviving this, He is going to break me, or one of us die trying. The Dom in Him will have the full control He seeks, or leave me lying in the corner of my mind.

“Choose now” he growls, with this unrequited tone. He has given me time, He is done waiting.

My only words for Him were;
“What do you want from me?”

“Everything babygirl” , as He spoke softly,but with a firm,gruff voice.

As I try to understand Him, from His point of view. Why does He require ‘everything’ from me. Is it because I’m the one He wants to be with, create a life with, be with as we watch the kids grow up and move on with their lives. Make plans with. Make love to, explore with, try new things with, share how our day was, know someone is truly there for you, have someone to hold as you drift off to sleep, to talk to, to know that someone cares, that person that loves you beyond reproach and would not disrespect  you, nor deceive you. To make this whole journey in life make sense. To grow old with. Have new experiences with. Eat Mexican food with. To kiss you. To share tears when needed. When memories come, good or bad, someone to sit next to you. No words to speak, you can feel their presence,  and that is enough. To snuggle up on a rainy day. To watch Netflix with. Eat steak together. Find time for many more things. A lifetime together might not be enough time, but it will be a good start. ( isn’t this what I asked Him for when we met).

When I finally get that He understood what I knew I asked from Him, when we first met. He gave it all ,to show me He wanted that too. I was the one holding us back. My fear of trust, the unknown. He wants to know , if I can give Him all of me, all my trust? This  moment  comes down to the final ‘ yes or no’ question. I bide for more time, giving an excuse of going slow and learning to trust. To Him that is not good enough. He asks for it all, 100%, now or never, take that leap of faith with Him.

What shall I say…
I know what I want to say…
I know what my heart is saying…
I can hear my thoughts loud and clear…
Can I give what He asks…
Do I love Him enough …
The past hurt me, nearly killed me…
To give what He asks of me, is like handing Him the blade, that could be the final cut that kills me…
There is no one to ask…
No place to hide from Him…
Just me and Him, in this moment…
He is piercing my soul with His eyes, I can feel Him burning me…
He knows what He asks IS everything…
He just stands there, ready to take my hand, never give it back…
To be His, only His,forever…
I can hardly think…
I know what I’m going to say…
The words are there, as my mind let’s go…

To my last dying breath…

Yes Sir, 100%

Now comes the real test, as He heard those words, now I must prove it.


You’re killing me

Well, today is FOOTBALL Sunday, my Steelers were having their asses handed to them , I just couldn’t watch anymore. Plus there was also one more reason, which I have to tell. There were old people in my local sports bar.

I have no problem with that. But once you are seated near me, my game is on, I dare anyone to disturb but Daddy. You won’t like me. All I ask for is a few hours to watch a game, win or lose, but did I get that today? No.

Here’s why:
The old people were on their cell phones. Now I picked up real fast that the conversation was with a child, just by the tone of voice and things said. See, I’m already not hearing my game. Damnit. So the old man is talking on the phone, I watching my game, and the next few words make my whole body perk up.

Old man on his phone:
” Have you been a good girl?”

My body hears those words, and immediately my mind goes to my Daddy. How sensual and primal He can be.  I can feel my body responding to what it just heard, I’m wet.

Stop that! Steelers are on. I’m trying my hardest to pay attn to the game.

Old man on his phone:
“I’m glad you have been a good girl for me”

Me: ” you are killing me old man”, I say under my breath.
my mind is going a mile a minute, swirling thoughts of me on my knees sucking Daddys cock, getting it from behind, being restrained  by Daddy and used for how He wants me. My body is craving Daddy!

Stop That Now! Football… focus…

Steelers, sucking badly right now. I want my Daddy, where’s my Daddy. Catch my breath, watch football again. I’m actually  praying that the old man’s conversation  ends soon. Please if there’s a god who will show mercy, end the phone call.

Helpful info: I’m pretty much a nympho, and Daddys lil slut. I do love my life with Daddy, but let’s face it, sex is fucking awesome with this man. He’s got a huge…. oops off point. I think I heard him say “good girl ” again.

Old man on his phone:
” Did you get some new toys?”

Me: “waiter, um check please”

You are killing me old man. Your whole conversation  with a small child was great for you, except  my Daddy has the same conversation  with me, but in a more grown up way.  Now my body is turned  on, I NEED sex, I want my Daddy! Since Daddy is a sadist, He will love this. He will also take His time giving me any cock, as He knows that kills me too. Wonder if I can just ask to play with my own toys, get off that way,  and finally calm down the frenzy inside of me? But then Daddy is horny, and loves to watch me suffer. This could actually go either way.

I’m so horny♡♡


Sweet Sadist

So, you have decided that you want a relationship with a sadist, but have you really put thought into what a ‘sadist’ is really all about?

If you have not seen one in action, or been with one before. Then you really need to know what you will be getting into. They have brilliant  minds.

A ‘Sadist’ , is someone who will appear sweet, calm. Get you talking about your hopes, dreams, fears, hard limits. They are the silent listeners. You will think your sadist will forget, not a chance.  Your sadist will sit back, pick that perfect moment for putting you through something you never saw coming. Whether it be a task or scene, I promise you won’t like it. It will be a test for you to prove yourself, but your sadist will watch you squirm, complain, cry, try to control the situation. If you beg your sadist for a reprieve, the sadist is either smiling or in full laughter. They feed off your pain, or humiliation. 

They pay attention to everything you say or do. If you are afraid of something,  that will the one thing your sadist wants to have from you. So, if you are not up for facing fears, think twice. Your sadist is smarter than you, constantly  watching you. Punishments will be harsh, but only because they can see to your soul. If you like pain, your sadist will go beyond what you thought you could handle. Your sadist will make sure you live through it, you are their ultimate toy.

Most women won’t listen to these words, they want a relationship and are hopelessly attracted to sadists, but you will be pushed through your fears, hard limits, anything He knows you hate, or is painful. All the while smiling at you as he knows you want to run. If you have a sadist your only choice here is to submit and do as he has commanded, or leave. With a sadist there is no in-between. He will not let you off the proverbial hook. What the sadist tells you to do, better be done, to the letter. Although the brat in me, occasionally  finds a loophole, which surprises my sadist, but usually blows up in my face. But that one small moment was worth it. Maybe not….ouch…..

Your sadist will go down your little checklist, push your boundaries, find every fear, thing you hate, anything painful, any and all things you say are ‘off limits’. These will be the very things that will be requested of you. Send your sadist a hot ass pic of something you like , or want to try. The sadist will twist it around to be something most would run from, yet you will be the one who has to do the very task/scene.

Can you really do this? Do you fully understand  that your sadist is going to mind fuck you for a long time. Make sure you have a Dr’s note for things you really can’t be pushed to do. Be honest with yourself. Remember that your sadist will not change to accommodate  you, this is who they are. If you didn’t understand  that, then it’s your own problem. Take time getting to know them, they will ask for your limits, and respect that which really can’t be done, (physical /mental limit), but they will always surprise you with something that you never saw yourself doing. Life with a sadist can be exciting and alarming. Make sure you honestly feel strong enough to do this sort of life.

If this is for you, I promise there will be times you hate it. Being pushed beyond your limits is not easy, sometimes down right sucks. But life with a sadist can be exciting, and once they really start fucking with your life, you will feel alive for the very first time. If you feed your sadist on your fear and hate, they stay happy, their evil minds are cranking out more evil and disgusting ideas. You will both feed on that, it’s called passion. This will be the best relationship  you ever had, or you cannot hack  it. If you cant, that doesn’t make you weak, it means a sadist is not for you.

My sweet sadist knows me well. Puts me on task for things He knows I will hate. I can cry, complain, act sweet as candy but He will not back down, nor change anything to make it easier for me. The brat in me, says that my sadist will not win i will get this done and push right back. We both feed on this life He created for us. He, In fact, gets mad at me for the more negative I get, the angrier He gets . He knew i could do all He has put before me, but He knows i will throw a tantrum, or try to give up. He really wants me to succeed,yet squirm at the same time. He knew I could do all tasks asked of me, He also knew I was going to have that look on my face that says;
” fuck, really this is what you’re making me do? Nooooo. I don’t want to do this”. I never had to say this, He just knows.

He also knows that I’m a brat, which adds more challenges. I’m always going to try to find any loopholes,can’t always as He knows me well, while still do what  He asks of me. Once I have finished the task at hand, I am smiling my own evil smile, to drive Him crazy as what He just did to me. I definitely  don’t do it often, remember this man is a sadist. I will be paying for it later, my sadist doesn’t like to be challenged  or fucked with by me. Sadist have memories like elephants.  They wait the perfect time.

You won’t see it coming…. good luck.
I do love my life with my sadist, I feed off His energy and His passion. I know His love for me ,that He won’t have me do something to dangerous that it could end my life. Living on the edge with my sadist is fun as hell. While I don’t welcome His tasks, but after throwing a tantrum, which He loves, I always get it done. I would be way to afraid to not get it done. Wonder how that would go???
Might be painful. Might take the excitement away.