Daddy is so hot!!!

My Daddy and i celebrated 5 months together! So exciting! 🙂

Well, i photo bombed Daddy all day, since tonight was date night, and we planned for sex and time together. So when i finally got home i made sure i was eye candy for Daddy, made sure i did things that Daddy likes! Daddy arrived a little after me, since we have not seen each other very much in the last few weeks,we were both so damn horny we could hardly stand it. My body was ready to go!

Daddy ordered me to be on my hands and knees before him, sucking His cock until He said so. Once Daddy let me know i was His good girl, He ordered me onto the bed, and starting putting restraints on me. I had no idea what He was going to do to me, but once the restraints were on Daddy locked me to bed! Oh my god, Daddy was turning me on like never before. Daddy ordered me to keep my eyes closed. He was inside me before i knew it. Oh Fuck, i needed to be with Daddy, i missed Him so much.

Daddy is pumping my pussy, i am so wet, and I’m cumming over and over so hard , that my body was so sore. I could hardly breathe. Daddy put a toy on my clit, that drove me over the edge. He wouldn’t stop, He’s in charge of my orgasms. Daddy decided to head into my ass, oh Fuck Daddy, go in deep! Oh Yes, Yes, Yes Daddy, pump it harder! Daddy made me cum over and over again. He even put the toy inside me , while His cock was in my ass, i couldn’t stop cumming. I was cumming harder and harder, my legs were shaking, my body was bucking so hard at Daddy, He had to cum too. He came all over in me!
My body was making so many aftershocks from cumming so hard.

Afterwards Daddy held me and we talked. It was a great night. Daddy has no idea how much i cherish each moment with Him. He makes me feel so special, cared for. I definitely need more time with Daddy, i hope we never go this long without having sex, it was too long.

Daddy, i had so much fun, and even after just being held and talking to you. It was the best time ever!! I love you Daddy!

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