Daddy wants me to write

But I don’t know what to write about. I can’t think  of anything interesting  to write about.

I can update my life:

It’s Halloween  month! I love candy, love to dress up. So, is Daddy going to let me dress up and go get candy, hmm. Not sure

My daughters’ birthday and my birthday are coming up. Which means I don’t care about mine, but her day better be fun!

Recently, a friend from my past contacted me. I am not sure I care to be friends again. I didn’t even miss this person from my life. My boys do, but that’s not enough for me.

I’m always glad to have time with my Daddy, but soon he will be beating my ass, so should I be excited? I’m not sure,  I love seeing Him. His smile,  big blue eyes, all those muscles, great cock, but then the damage to my ass…

I have been doing hiking with a friend of mine, it’s actually fun. With no snakes around makes it a whole lot better.

Just got rid of a cat that I didn’t want in the first place. Now Daddy and my daughter can breathe again. Always good!

I want to go shoot pool again. Have to see who wants to go?!

Steelers game coming up next monday!!!

I did my hair a darker shade of burgundy, love it!! I did this color when I did porn, I love it

Netflix got a whole bunch of scary movies to watch!!!

I was sent something in an email from someone I know. About her losing her baby.  That reminded me of my son. Holidays are coming, I get grumpy and miss my son.

I am not really a holiday person. Don’t care.

Trying to get my passport soon, to go to Mexico with my bff, for thxgiving

All I can think of… I wrote Daddy


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