Question authority



I see this bumper sticker everywhere. I hear it from different groups who are less than thrilled about our government. I do understand under current happenings around the globe, that maybe questioning authority could eventually put a balance back into issues at hand, hold some people accountable for actions that have proven to be detrimental to our nations safety. Now before you think i have gone all political on you, i have a few ‘other’ reasons to bring this topic up.

Religion is another place, where i tend to question authority. Do not tell me what/how to believe, you will only start a discussion ( with attitude) that you might not want to get in to. This is an area to tread lightly.

Let’s go further in thinking, as you might be able to tell i am a woman who can think for herself. I’m not about to be caught in a discussion of religion or world topics that i don’t have a firm opinion on. I am my father’s daughter.  Strong willed, strong minded. Refuse to believe something is true just because you say it is.

Which brings me to my thought of, i am in a lifestyle where i am more of a submissive nature. I am in charge of so many things, have been for so long and to relinquish control means everything to me. I finally have the right Dom in my life.  In the past play partners could only go so far, then my laughter and disconnect tells me they are done, authority is back in my hands and i cannot , no i will not give you reign over me any longer. Even as limited as it was.

My Daddy that i have now, well both us are strong personalities. When i am upset or challenged by real life issues that i must deal with, it takes me time to turn it over to Him, not because i can’t trust Him,i can. But i don’t process very quickly, never have. He is changing that. When i finally bring it to Him, and if i am not in a submissive frame of mind, it would probably be better for me to remember to whom i am speaking to. Being face to face would be a whole different perspective, but might also bring on the fear faster, or pay right then and there.  He does give me leniency, and will talk about what is going on. Once He realizes i am not listening, or still not processing even what He is saying , or i sort of  start arguing with Him. He stops it  will not allow it. I can question all authority til that authority is Him. My mind has a hard time switching over to submission at that point. He wants to get my attention. He will not tolerate being treated as common, we are in this together,he cares, but He will not give up His authority.  He will have it ‘His’ way, no matter what.  He will let me question all authority, just not His authority. I can ask questions, but i better remember who i am talking to.

So, questioning authority… works better if you don’t have a Daddy to obey.


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