More than pissed today

I know most ppl like their birthdays, but I am not one of them.  I would rather have a day to myself, and everyone leave me alone. There is much on my mind, none of which do I want to talk about. 

So, earlier today someone who knows me, knows me well, called and wished me a happy birthday, then another call after that  same thing, crazy part is, they are a tad early. But as the saying goes,
” it’s the thought that counts”. Fuck you it does,  leave me alone. Why doesn’t anyone get that I really don’t want to celebrate? You can’t make me celebrate.  Now I just want to disappear  for the day. Thinking that sounds like a great idea.

Fuck off, leave me alone, I am not celebrating the day I was born.

For the person who monitors my writing… I wrote


9 thoughts on “More than pissed today

  1. Joseph says:

    My birthday is also today, and I would rather it be the way you described it than anything else. Just leave me alone is the way to go.

  2. Cara says:

    I was first raped by my maternal grandfather a couple days after my tenth birthday & I, too, came to hate my birthday. No such thing as a “happy” anniversary of my rape, or a “this is the best anniversary of my rape EVER!” And yet every year, my whole family (including the grandfather who raped me) would come to give me a birthday “party”. I’d spend the whole time hating them, hating myself for hating them.

  3. miss agatha armstrong says:

    I won’t say happy birthday but I will say – very very loudly… that I am glad you were born – your amazing amazing AMAZING girl and I’m glad you were born xxx. P.s – I also hate celebrating – too many crap memories – but now I have my own child and we celebrate each other x

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