When He calls me beautiful…

There is no deceptive tone to His voice. He sounds as He speaks the truth in His heart. But when I look in the mirror, I don’t see what my Daddy see’s.

I see every flaw, wrinkle, line,pimple
(Yes, I still get them), blotch, you name it. I am looking at me. There is no super model there. Just this plain woman, who doubts herself. A female who wants to see what He can see. Does He have wishful thinking?

I know as His sub, I am not to question.  I am sometimes  quite curious as to how He can use such a lovely word on me. I know upon reading this I will hurt Him. It is not intended  to, not in the least.  I just want to see me through His eyes. I still see weight I have not lost. Eyes that haven’t had much sleep. I really want to know?

Is it my soul? Because I have been told I was evil for so long, I believed it. Yet I will laugh when a child warms my heart. I ‘ooh’ and ‘awe’ over baby animals. I love to see fields of flowers. The smell of the wet earth after  rain has fallen. Are these the things that are beautiful?

Teach me.  Teach me to see myself as you see me, please. Maybe then I can even see value in something I don’t really know how to look at. I think I quit looking years ago. But I know others see themselves, have the capacity to love themselves. Teach me, I want to learn. I’m all yours anyway, I want to see beauty where I see none. Show me, the meaning of the word ‘ beautiful ‘? 


2 thoughts on “When He calls me beautiful…

  1. miss agatha armstrong says:

    My lovely, look into His eyes… See the look upon His face – it is all of you that He sees as beautiful …

  2. I too, battle with these thoughts. But, Professor makes me feel his words so completely, I have no choice but to accept his view. 😊

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