Who has the best Daddy in the world?

This babygirl!!

This is a fact. I actually  do have the best Daddy in the whole world. That is undeniable.  The bigger question is
‘ what did I do to deserve Him?’ Nothing comes to mind. When I wake up each morning I thank the universe ,that I finally have the man I have been looking for my whole life. I hope I never forget to be grateful.

I woke up this morning, having had a bad dream. One of those that wakes you from your slumber, you are scared and trembling. My first and only thought,  ‘ I need my Daddy’.
He has this calming voice, granted He has many tones to his voice, but He can calm me like no other. Immediately  upon hearing Him, my body calms, like an ocean that had been moving tidal waves that is now a calm glistening body of water slowly moving with a breeze. How does He do that?

The hard part is when I’m near Him I crave Him, His time, His attention, His discipline, His laughter, His smile,His embrace.  There is not one part of Him that I won’t melt from, like wax near a flame. He can touch me deeply with His words, they will be calming, healing, or demand my attention on Him. He has this ability to make me give up all of myself in that moment, as I know it is the safest place on earth,and my  happiest place on earth.

I feel sorry for any woman who has ever been dumb enough to break His heart, and lose His love. He has so much when He finally knows He is safe to let you in. Have I hurt Him? God , I hate to say it, but yes. A few times. But in my humaness, it is hard to understand  the love of a man like Him. He’s rare, like the most beautiful and expensive things on this earth. Once in a lifetime.

I know what I will do… not treat Him as common.  Stop talking to Him, and actually  listen more. Be thankful 100% of the time, that I am the babygirl at His side, when allowed, or on my knees before Him, pleasuring Him as told to do.

Thank you Sir, Thank you Daddy, Thank you Master, Thank you my King.

You have made this slaves’ heart so ready and willing to serve you, as long as you will have me. Please don’t ever let me forget my place…before you, ready to serve. In any capacity to your liking. It is all I have to offer.





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