Today should be a good day! I woke up happy and thankful that the universe gave me breath once a again.

What went wrong… last night put my color in my hair, picked up the wrong box at the store, so while my hair is usually burgundy , it’s now DEEP burgundy, damn it’s dark. My bff looked at me and said, ‘ damn, that’s dark’. You think, because I couldn’t  tell at all. Not emo, but dark. I do like the highlight, but wow.

Then this morning I put chicken in a crockpot, so it can cook all day for enchiladas tonight. I cut up some onion. Garlic. Then forgot to clean my hands really well, decided to go into the bathroom get my morning  stuff done, as I put in the first contact, my eye was burning, then tearing up. I was like ‘ wtf, am I going blind?’ Then I checked my hand all I smell is onion. So, I’m doing fabulous so far today!

My children get physical  therapy  on Tuesday mornings. My autistic son has the memory of an elephant, and just spewing stories left and right about mom. How do you get the point across to your special kid to shut up. Ok, so years ago I fell off one of those balance balls they use, how many years do we need to tell this story?? And the only thing this kid forgets is to clean his room.

I have realized the universe has conspired to give me one of those days, that you pull yourself back and just look. I started laughing. A lot. Kids look at me like ‘ she’s lost her damn mind!’
I havent, but I always know how to break a bad mood, you choose to.

Now to see how the rest of my day will actually  go… this could get very interesting. 

4 thoughts on “Wth…

  1. Cara says:

    Well, so far I ALWAYS remember to clean my hands (like, clean them like I’m going to perform surgery) right before I put my contacts in and/or take them out and after hearing your onion story, I’m soooooooo glad I do. All the fights I’ve picked in this life, I don’t need to pick a fight with my own eyeball. And I LOVE that your son remembers everything EXCEPT to clean his room. I’m not autistic, but that sounds like something I’d do…I remember most things (I remember, as I sit here at 38, getting lost on a cruise ship at 4 1/2 years old during my paternal grandmother’s bon voyage party for her cruise to Bermuda) but I don’t remember to tidy up or put laundry away…so the good news is your son with selective memory (as in he remembers what he wants to remember) can grow up to be a functioning adult, the bad news is even as a grown up, he won’t remember to tidy up.

  2. miss agatha armstrong says:

    I so hope you’ve kept smiling and and let them all giggle around you x

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