My favorite part…

As I was talking to my one of my best friends, Chanse, it’s important to know that she is a very passionate  person. She is a lovely,classy lady who has a fire that rages inside of her, as she likes sex as much as I do! So keep that in mind…

Recently, Daddy wanted to do something new together,  another first for us. So, we decided on a threesome.  I , of course, decided to invite Chanse.  I needed to feel secure, loved, very cared for in this type of play. As I had been the extra girl  in the past, the one coming to the couple. The few times I did this with someone, it was not real for me. I didn’t care about the guy. I didn’t care if he had a good time. It was more about the moment of me and the woman I chose. But this time was absolutely different. I really care about my Daddy. I wanted Him to really enjoy what was about to happen, for us as a couple, for all three of us as a threesome. I had my own reservations, but they were over old doms, not Daddy. So putting them out of my mind made sense. Let this be like a first time, since it was for me and Daddy. 

The next day, I spoke with Chanse. I felt it was my duty to her, to see if she had any sub drop going on, make sure she knew how much we really appreciated  her time and her body. She is my friend.

As we spoke, she asked if she could just say what was on her mind. I wanted to hear. She was going over the night, how much she enjoyed her and I sharing together, something we had not done before. How she was much surprised by me , when I let my Daddy fuck her. As He had said the night before, He wanted to try. I really wasn’t sure what to feel or think, but I wanted everyone to have fun. Daddy was very attentive to me. He made sure I was doing ok. But what she told me next was beautiful, this was her favorite part. She said the way He held me, the way He spoke to me, the way He looked at me, then the way He came into kiss me and show me His love, was the most touching part for her. She said she was just taken a back by the love between the both of us. That our moment in front of her was exactly what she has been waiting for. That it was just breath taking to her. She had seen love before, but this was so pure between two people. I knew how much I care for and love Daddy, but I can’t say I ever knew anyone could notice.

I loved listening to what she had to say. I had to agree with her, it sounded beautiful. I realized I can’t see it, because for the first time I’m not looking at it,  I’m the one going through it, with Daddy.

I’m a lucky girl♡

2 thoughts on “My favorite part…

  1. There is no way to describe what it is like to watch two people completely connected kiss on a level that is more than just physical. It’s why I agreed to be there, besides the fact that I care about you as my dear friend. I don’t have someone in my life, so the next best thing is to surround myself by people who are madly in love, so I can at least live through their experiences in a small way and appreciate what they have and honor it. I didn’t expect to or care if I got off. I just wanted to see you happy and be immersed in a love bubble to feel a touch of Heaven, and it was what I needed. I was honored to be there. Thank you!

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