What did she just say??

I went to the Dr’s yesterday for a girl exam. Yay, so fun. The medical assistant asked me questions, very personal ones. She knows I have a boyfriend…

M.A says:
“So, how do you and your boyfriend have sex?”

My first thought, “is she kidding, she works in a medical office and out of all the people to ask about sex, she’s gonna ask me?”

Me: “really?”

M.A.: ” sorry, I have to ask.”

Me: “we have sex just like everyone else, he’s on top of me, puts it in.”

M.A.: giggles, a lot. Says, ” No, oral,vaginal,anal? ”

Me: giggling now too, but cheeks are red, plus my gay bff is with me. He’s shaking his head.  ” why do you need to know?”

M.A. : ” we just have to ask.”

Me: ” ok, but I could have used a little more info, I almost went into details”

M.A. : laughing harder now.

Daddy, and my friends laughed hysterically about this. After I realized my mistake, I laughed all day too!

** what is new for me, is how Daddy handled it. While it was funny, Daddy was laughing with me, not at me. My abusive ex would have reminded how stupid I was. He would have laughed at me, why I never told him how many airheaded moments I have in the year, 6 months, monthly, weekly… stop there!

I love my Daddy!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


5 thoughts on “What did she just say??

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    It is such a precious feeling … x (the laughing with … not at)

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