Wasted brattiness, dumb gas guy

The gas company guy shows up at my house, he’s like 100 yrs old. Starts explaining what hes gonna do.

I got it , stop the mindless drivel old man. I could have said it in 2 seconds.
Putting propane in the tank. Thx I got it!

He gets done collects the payment,  then starts asking questions…

Gas guy: ” do you have a pilot light that I need to relight?”

Me: ” I have no idea, but you can look”

Gas guy: seems to be lost with the stove he’s so clearly worried about. Finally manages to get burners lit, says
“Nope you one of them new fancy stoves”

Me: ” good to know”

Gas guy: “So, I heard you had a gas leak? ”

Me: ” it wasn’t actually a leak, but yes some idiot in my home turned the knob and gas leaked out of the stove ,into the home” no real gas leak.

Gas guy: “ok, cuz we were gonna have to look for a leak”

Me: ” you already put the gas in, why on earth would you put gas in if you thought there was a leak?”

Silence, crickets chriping….

Gas guy: ” was everyone ok?”

Me: well I did  keep breathing it in, then even stuck my head in the oven to find where it was coming from”

Gas guy: ” little lady you should never do that, you could have been killed, don’t you know gas kills people?”

Me: I’m being a mean,fasicious  brat right now, ” Gas kills? Even from men?”
Then I say; ” that smell was so bad I was gonna light a candle”

Gas guy: mouth falls open ” little lady, never light anything near a gas leak, you would have all been blown up”

Me: shaking my head, this man really thinks I’m stupid.

Gas guy: ” little lady, the CO2 alarm on your wall didn’t work, because it’s a propane gas, not regular gas, that’s the wrong alarm”.

Ok, the last one got me, I was puzzled, then figured I will just ask Daddy!!

He proceeds to leave, turns around, for the first notices I have boobs, he’s staring, and finally looks up like he’s done nothing offensive, 

Gas guy: well, umm yeah ok

Me:  slam the door…

He was old, so being a brat, I guess he’s been immunized against it, or that was not in the in the wild wild west, way back when. Weird man, but I have gas… oops, that sure doesn’t sound good!  I have propane in the damn tank , now I can cook again. Microwave food, sucks ass.  I’m out!!

5 thoughts on “Wasted brattiness, dumb gas guy

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    you my friend deserve a thorough spanking… poor old man…. just too funny that you told him that you put your head in oven and then…. to top it off, were going to light a candle…

    Thank you – i needed a smile and a giggle…. x

  2. Cara says:

    Oh you’re hysterical. Me, I refuse to even let a “gas guy” or anyone else in here unless the landlady (who happens to also be my mother) is present as well. In this neighborhood, people posing as gas men/repair men/cops even, have pushed their way into homes and committed robberies.

    • stacieinaz says:

      I knew he was coming

      • Cara says:

        Even if I know someone is making a scheduled visit, the landlady (my mother) must be present. God forbid the guy delivering a new TV knicks the paint in one of her doorways…she needs to be there to bitch him out properly (according to her, I don’t know how to “castigate” tradesmen properly)

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