We need to talk

Ok, He didnt quite say that. Its what i heard. It was just as dramatic when you are a babygirl though.

Last night, Daddy and I  are having a perfectly lovely meal (steak and lobster, His favs!), great time together, so relaxing, and much needed. I could do that a lot more, but add in some sex for dessert! I’m that girl! His girl!

So, in the middle of this wonderful time together, Daddy says,  “I think we should review your rules soon”.

Huh? Really?

My mind is going at a million miles a minute, I am trying to figure out in my head if this is gonna go good or not, immediately  my mind says,
” we are at defcon  5, bring on more cuteness, Daddy just brought a cannon to a knife fight.”

Although with my sweet sadist, I call Him Daddy, there can’t be much good in those words. Neither of us are stupid, we both know I’m a brat. I push harder some days. I melt down . I cry, I protest, I argue. Ok, starting to see why a review is coming… But do I get to have any say? Umm probably not.

My mind goes black, somewhere in the background I hear my eulogy,
“She was a lovely sub, but mostly a brat, she pushed Daddy to His brink, He had to do it, lord have mercy on her soul”.

Then I see all the ‘Saw’ movies in my head. Oh my, this won’t be good.

Then I try my hardest to think of any good reason for any Daddy to say that:
All I get in my head, is ‘there are more rules coming’… I say that, and Daddy just smiles.

Now in my mind, I hear,  rule 2788, though shalt not…

Why does my sadist have to fuck with my head like this?  Because He loves it! I am being extra careful now, extra nice, extra sweet. Daddy knows me, I cannot hide from Him. But I can run!!!


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