Sweet Sadist

So, you have decided that you want a relationship with a sadist, but have you really put thought into what a ‘sadist’ is really all about?

If you have not seen one in action, or been with one before. Then you really need to know what you will be getting into. They have brilliant  minds.

A ‘Sadist’ , is someone who will appear sweet, calm. Get you talking about your hopes, dreams, fears, hard limits. They are the silent listeners. You will think your sadist will forget, not a chance.  Your sadist will sit back, pick that perfect moment for putting you through something you never saw coming. Whether it be a task or scene, I promise you won’t like it. It will be a test for you to prove yourself, but your sadist will watch you squirm, complain, cry, try to control the situation. If you beg your sadist for a reprieve, the sadist is either smiling or in full laughter. They feed off your pain, or humiliation. 

They pay attention to everything you say or do. If you are afraid of something,  that will the one thing your sadist wants to have from you. So, if you are not up for facing fears, think twice. Your sadist is smarter than you, constantly  watching you. Punishments will be harsh, but only because they can see to your soul. If you like pain, your sadist will go beyond what you thought you could handle. Your sadist will make sure you live through it, you are their ultimate toy.

Most women won’t listen to these words, they want a relationship and are hopelessly attracted to sadists, but you will be pushed through your fears, hard limits, anything He knows you hate, or is painful. All the while smiling at you as he knows you want to run. If you have a sadist your only choice here is to submit and do as he has commanded, or leave. With a sadist there is no in-between. He will not let you off the proverbial hook. What the sadist tells you to do, better be done, to the letter. Although the brat in me, occasionally  finds a loophole, which surprises my sadist, but usually blows up in my face. But that one small moment was worth it. Maybe not….ouch…..

Your sadist will go down your little checklist, push your boundaries, find every fear, thing you hate, anything painful, any and all things you say are ‘off limits’. These will be the very things that will be requested of you. Send your sadist a hot ass pic of something you like , or want to try. The sadist will twist it around to be something most would run from, yet you will be the one who has to do the very task/scene.

Can you really do this? Do you fully understand  that your sadist is going to mind fuck you for a long time. Make sure you have a Dr’s note for things you really can’t be pushed to do. Be honest with yourself. Remember that your sadist will not change to accommodate  you, this is who they are. If you didn’t understand  that, then it’s your own problem. Take time getting to know them, they will ask for your limits, and respect that which really can’t be done, (physical /mental limit), but they will always surprise you with something that you never saw yourself doing. Life with a sadist can be exciting and alarming. Make sure you honestly feel strong enough to do this sort of life.

If this is for you, I promise there will be times you hate it. Being pushed beyond your limits is not easy, sometimes down right sucks. But life with a sadist can be exciting, and once they really start fucking with your life, you will feel alive for the very first time. If you feed your sadist on your fear and hate, they stay happy, their evil minds are cranking out more evil and disgusting ideas. You will both feed on that, it’s called passion. This will be the best relationship  you ever had, or you cannot hack  it. If you cant, that doesn’t make you weak, it means a sadist is not for you.

My sweet sadist knows me well. Puts me on task for things He knows I will hate. I can cry, complain, act sweet as candy but He will not back down, nor change anything to make it easier for me. The brat in me, says that my sadist will not win i will get this done and push right back. We both feed on this life He created for us. He, In fact, gets mad at me for the more negative I get, the angrier He gets . He knew i could do all He has put before me, but He knows i will throw a tantrum, or try to give up. He really wants me to succeed,yet squirm at the same time. He knew I could do all tasks asked of me, He also knew I was going to have that look on my face that says;
” fuck, really this is what you’re making me do? Nooooo. I don’t want to do this”. I never had to say this, He just knows.

He also knows that I’m a brat, which adds more challenges. I’m always going to try to find any loopholes,can’t always as He knows me well, while still do what  He asks of me. Once I have finished the task at hand, I am smiling my own evil smile, to drive Him crazy as what He just did to me. I definitely  don’t do it often, remember this man is a sadist. I will be paying for it later, my sadist doesn’t like to be challenged  or fucked with by me. Sadist have memories like elephants.  They wait the perfect time.

You won’t see it coming…. good luck.
I do love my life with my sadist, I feed off His energy and His passion. I know His love for me ,that He won’t have me do something to dangerous that it could end my life. Living on the edge with my sadist is fun as hell. While I don’t welcome His tasks, but after throwing a tantrum, which He loves, I always get it done. I would be way to afraid to not get it done. Wonder how that would go???
Might be painful. Might take the excitement away.


5 thoughts on “Sweet Sadist

  1. Wow! I loved every word of this. I have had intimate experience with sadists and you nailed their entire multi-faceted persona in a single post. And it isn’t for everyone. But there are such fun times to be had…especially for the fellow masochists out there.

    On another note, I had a brutal experience with a self-proclaimed sadist and just want to point out that there is a distinct difference in those who will push your boundaries and mind-fuck you in hopes of making you grow and those who trample over your boundaries and disregard hard limits for their own pleasure…regardless of the outcome. To me, the latter of these is not a sadist..but rather someone posing under the description.

    My personal favorite is the sadist/sensual dom combo. They will push the hell out of you, but get their kicks from both your pleasure and your pain. I am blessed to say…I finally found it in my Master.

    Again, great post! I enjoy reading you.

    • stacieinaz says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your exp. And I’m sorry that you had to deal with a poser sadist, I do agree about sadist/sensual dom. I have that with my Daddy!! Sounds like you do as well! Congrsts, wish you a long full happy life with him. Nothing like them in the world♡ thank you for reading my posts, I do enjoy the feedback! Have an excellent day:)

  2. I can identify with the constant pushing of limits. My Daddy has deep rooted sadistic tendencies and consistently pushes so much he has removed my boundaries. I am, as you said, his “ultimate toy”.
    I fell in love before I realized he was a sadist. I went through mind battles with myself because I had to accept that he loves to watch me suffer for him. I needed him to love me and it all seemed so contradictory.
    He shows his love in a very different way than most men BUT he shows something very real. Your point about sweet is spot on. Sweet and calm but inside that hunger.
    I am excited to find your blog. You have a real perspective.

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