You’re killing me

Well, today is FOOTBALL Sunday, my Steelers were having their asses handed to them , I just couldn’t watch anymore. Plus there was also one more reason, which I have to tell. There were old people in my local sports bar.

I have no problem with that. But once you are seated near me, my game is on, I dare anyone to disturb but Daddy. You won’t like me. All I ask for is a few hours to watch a game, win or lose, but did I get that today? No.

Here’s why:
The old people were on their cell phones. Now I picked up real fast that the conversation was with a child, just by the tone of voice and things said. See, I’m already not hearing my game. Damnit. So the old man is talking on the phone, I watching my game, and the next few words make my whole body perk up.

Old man on his phone:
” Have you been a good girl?”

My body hears those words, and immediately my mind goes to my Daddy. How sensual and primal He can be.  I can feel my body responding to what it just heard, I’m wet.

Stop that! Steelers are on. I’m trying my hardest to pay attn to the game.

Old man on his phone:
“I’m glad you have been a good girl for me”

Me: ” you are killing me old man”, I say under my breath.
my mind is going a mile a minute, swirling thoughts of me on my knees sucking Daddys cock, getting it from behind, being restrained  by Daddy and used for how He wants me. My body is craving Daddy!

Stop That Now! Football… focus…

Steelers, sucking badly right now. I want my Daddy, where’s my Daddy. Catch my breath, watch football again. I’m actually  praying that the old man’s conversation  ends soon. Please if there’s a god who will show mercy, end the phone call.

Helpful info: I’m pretty much a nympho, and Daddys lil slut. I do love my life with Daddy, but let’s face it, sex is fucking awesome with this man. He’s got a huge…. oops off point. I think I heard him say “good girl ” again.

Old man on his phone:
” Did you get some new toys?”

Me: “waiter, um check please”

You are killing me old man. Your whole conversation  with a small child was great for you, except  my Daddy has the same conversation  with me, but in a more grown up way.  Now my body is turned  on, I NEED sex, I want my Daddy! Since Daddy is a sadist, He will love this. He will also take His time giving me any cock, as He knows that kills me too. Wonder if I can just ask to play with my own toys, get off that way,  and finally calm down the frenzy inside of me? But then Daddy is horny, and loves to watch me suffer. This could actually go either way.

I’m so horny♡♡

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