Kitten takes a lover (original story)

Kitten, had already spoken to her Sir about playing with some girls. He had ok’d this kind of activity ,since he worked such long hours and knew that she had a bit if a wild streak in her. He gave her a little space to see how she would do without him involved in the play. He was still in charge of all she did, but he needed to know if she would play and behave herself, or go to wild that he would have to put her on lockdown.

This was the first time that kitten had played outside of the relationship with her Sir, she didn’t really count threesomes,that was more for Sir. She had this insatiable appetite for sex and lust.  One ,that up til now, only Sir quenched. She was curious to see what kind of woman could fill his void. Tall,short, blonde, brunette. There was simply so many to choose from, where would she start. Dating sites seemed to give promise of finding that special  someone. She browsed for a while, seeing many that looked like a good fit, she was now getting mssgs as well. As kitten was quite the cutie herself, even her Sir knew that she was the one he could trust, it was the rest of the world, always flirting with what was his.  Kitten did wonder if Sir was really going to be ok with her seeing another person, female or not. She wondered about having a few girls to play with,  Sir had never talked about that.

While kitten was getting to know many girls. Well, it was a hook up site. She found that many  girls already had a relationship or marriage, but they were wanting something with a female. Here was another thing that kitten didn’t plan on, Sir said nothing about it. How was she to handle that. Does she just go ahead and meet them. They do seem to be the females who were looking to connect the most. She started texting a few that were relationships, what was the harm she thought. Not bringing it to Sirs attention faster was her first mistake. She found a woman that seemed to really connect with her. They were makings plans to meet that night. They would go clubbing, have some fun, dinner and back to the females home for maybe some playtime.  All sounded good to kitten. So she made the date. Since it was only a few hours til then, she started getting ready.

By the time on her phone, she needed to get out the door. Last thing was to make sure she has her collar on, as it was only required when she went out. Out the door kitten went, looking for a very good time. No worries, fully charged phone which was a requirement,  GPS on as Sir was always able to locate her, just incase. As she drove, she was thinking of how hot the girl was she would be meeting, kitten was starting to get wet before she ever arrived.

Once on the other side of town, kitten was alittle lost. She finally found the club where she was meeting her new friend. Upon entering,  the girl found her!

“You must be kitten” she said, kitten smiled in agreement.
“You must be katie” kitten purred. Katie smiled at kitten, they were already hitting it off. They made their way through the club , to a table that katie was already at sitting at. Katie had kitten set her stuff down , then drug her to the dance floor. They were already dancing, touching each other. Kitten was smiling to herself, this was going so well.

After a few hours of grinding on each other, they were both getting so hot and bothered, kitten could hardly contain herself. Katie moved in close ,and then pulled kitten in for a kiss. Things were going very well. They had decided to go back to katie’s home, eat there, and as both were so turned on, maybe some playtime! As they were leaving kitten finally remembered  to text her Sir. He had been worried, not having heard from her for hours. She assured him that she was fine, but that they were going to the girls home to eat. Kitten kept her mssgs short, sweet for Sir.  Kitten knew if he thought she wasn’t following rules, or anything going on that he wasn’t aware of, he would send her home. She was having so much fun that she didn’t want to go home, plus she knew he would did approve of her going to a strangers house. Kitten wanted some fun, he told her to have fun. So she was going to do just that.

Once they were at katie’s home, katie went and changed into something more revealing. Kitten didn’t mind at all, as katie had a great body. They were in the kitchen finding something to eat, when katie pushed kitten up against ghe wall, started really kissing her. Then her hands were all over kitten. Once she got to her the thigh area, she raised kittens skirt, and put her fingers on kittens slit. They both smiled at each other.

“Are you wet for me?”, asked katie. Kitten smiled and started to touch katie’s body too. She could her breasts thru her shirt, that was making her worse. Katie unbuttoned  her shirt to reveal her breasts. Kitten started to touch them, as katie started fingering her kitty. Hmmmm, they were both so hot and turned on. Katie took kitten by the hand, they went down a hallway to a bedroom. Kitten was a little nervous,but more horny then anyone at this point.  Katie started pulling at kittens clothes. Kitten wasn’t resisting. She was naked within moments, kitten got katie to take hers off too. Now playtime just became real. Kitten knew her rule was to take pics for Sir if she played, but she wasnt about to stop for pictures. Katie placed kitten at the foot of the bdd, and started to bite the inside of her thigh, before entering her. Katie was rubbing on kittens clit, kitten was going crazy. Kitten closed her eyes, and laid back ,let katie do as she wanted. It felt so good, kitten missed her Sir, and would much rather have cock, but knew he was to busy. So she let those thoughts go for now. Kitten was starting to cum by being fingered by katie, when she felt katie’s head between her legs, and her tongue go in. It just took her breath away. That was so good. Kitten was really enjoying herself,her eyes closed, Cummings again and again. Then she felt some strange, another pair of hands on her body. She opened her eyes, there was a male in the room. Kitten was startled, and found herself being touched lightly by him. He never asked if he could. Kitten was trying to get off the bed when katie looked up at her, said I told you my boyfriend wanted to you, that’s all. But you did get him hard. Kitten was uncomfortable with him touching her. She knew Sir would kill her, or beat her ass so bad she never leave the house again.

Katie could tell kitten was getting upset. katie asked kitten if she wanted him to leave the room. Kitten shook her head yes. So katie asked her boyfriend  to back off . He was unhappy but did as katie suggested. Katie wanted kitten to relax again. So they went to the shower, kissing and touching all over again. Kitten enjoyed this a lot. Katie left for a min, and came back with some toys. Katie slipped some handcuffs on kitten and locked her in the shower. She was ready to use toys on her kitten was restrained and had to do as katie guided her, which put her in a kneeling position at first. Katie has a bath seat in her shower, so she sat and brought kitten over to her by her hair. Katie opened her legs, and pushed kittens head between her legs, kitten was happy to oblige. She started licking and sucking on katie’s clit. Katie was Cummings fast, kitten slipped a few fingers into her ass, she what she could take. Katie’s loud moans, we’re making the boyfriend  jealous, he really wanted to be part of the fun. Kitten wasn’t having it. Katie was so into the fun that she wasn’t even paying attention to anything else. The girls were in their own little world. Katie pushed kitten back just a little, she bent over the seat,  spread her ass cheeks,she wanted kitten to do some rimming.kitten locked her lips and buried her head right between katie’s cheeks, and swirled her tongue, entered only a little. Katie was hot and bothered beyond belief. Both were having way to.much fun. Kitten hadn’t checked her phone in quite sometime. Her Sir set a time for be home, no matter what. If she was late she was in trouble. She explained  to katie that she had to know the time. Katie was getting some towels for them to dry off , she held one out to kitten. Then went to check her phone.

“It’s almost 2am” katie said

“Oh fuck, I have go now, I’m already late ” kitten replied frantically.

Kitten was dressed in minutes, and out the door. The one thing that usually happened was that Sir went to bed early. She knew he would know she was alright. She thought about what to text while driving home. She texted him;

“Sorry Sir, I was home on time but forgot to leave my goodnight text. I had fun tonight” -send

Kitten was trying to get home as quickly as she could. Pulled into her still wet, clothes were wrinkled, but she was home.

As she walked through the door , nearly twenty mins to 3am. She was pulling her clothes off, heading for her bathroom to put her hair up, that’s when she noticed him. Sir was sitting in the chair in the corner of her room , with belt in hand, just waiting for her to get home.

“So,you were home early huh kitten? I don’t agree. But this has been the third time you have been late, and you think I’m not paying attention.” Sir said on an angry voice.

Kitten was already scrambling to her knees. To be before him. She knew what was coming. She had no doubt on her mind that she pushed him to far this time, she just didn’t expect this.

“Do you have anything to say kitten? Or do you just want what is coming to you right now?, because afterwards, you will tell me everything that happened, and there might be more.” He said

Kitten was already in slave position, eyes to he ground. She had nothing to say. But she knew once he found out about the night she had with katie. More would be coming…

Sir walked over to her, grabbed her by her hair, kitten followed as he guided her where to go. He pushed her over the side of her of her bed. Her ass fully exposed to him.

“I guarantee kitten, you won’t be happy,  no tears, you did this to yourself. Would you like to know how I know?”

She shook her head yes..

“Your gps, I have you put it on just incase anything happens to you. I know where you are at all times. That’s how I know you will tell me all about tonight, and how I know you lied in your text. You have been a very bad girl”.

Kitten started to have tears well up in her eyes, she never meant for Sir to get mad. She wanted to have some fun.

“Count ,now” he said angrily

Kitten started… 1…2…3…


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