You naughty little kitten(original story)

Sir was busy with work, nothing unusual there. He had noticed that kitten wasn’t texting him like she used to. Such as, her whereabouts, with whom she was out with, how much money she spent, even down to playing with herself and not asking. All of these things were against her rules. Granted ,Sir did show her some leniency since he was working, and he knew she got bored easily. But Sir had enough.  Who was in charge here.

Sir showed up at kittens apartment,  he let himself in. He decided to go look through her closet first, see just how much  shopping  she had done in the last month. There were many surprises waiting for him, none of which were going to be good for kitten. As Sir checked out her bathroom, he even noticed her toys out ,laying on a towel, near the sink. They looked freshly cleaned, which meant they had been used, but Sir knew nothing about that. He went to her kitchen to see how she was eating, plenty of junk food in there. Something he only allowed a little bit of.

Sir looked around her place, noticed she was not cleaning like she used to. His only thought was; ‘ what has my kitten been up to?’

Sir, made himself comfortable,  he was going to wait for kitten to come home. Then he would find out what she was up to.

After about an hour of waiting, Sir hears keys rustling in the door lock, it opens, and who walks through the door… his kitten.  She is carrying bags of goodies from the mall. Kitten noticed Sir the moment she took one step in her place. She had never had him just show up before, do surprise inspections. Kitten looked worried. What did Sir know? How much trouble was she in?

Sir just looked at her, he said nothing. She was looking more and more scared, especially  as she remembered toys in her bathroom.  She started to try to explain how the toys were out, why the mess, the junk food. How she knew that he trusted her ,so she didn’t want to bother him by texting so much. She kept talking and talking. Sir, finally rose from the sofa he was sitting on, he started to walk towards her, but kitten was slowly backing up.

“Backing away from me kitten, haven’t I told you to never back away from me? He said.

She only turned her eyes to the ground, and shook her head yes. She knew this was getting worse, she just had no idea how much trouble she was in. She stopped dead in her tracks. He kept coming towards her, til he was finally right in front of her. He was so close that she could feel his hot breath on her cheek. He brought his hand up, and put his muscular hand on her throat.she brought her hands up block him as he cut off her air, he smacked her hands away. She put them back down. As he had a hold of her throat, he guided her to her bedroom. They stood in the room. He let go of her and said:

” strip now” he said in an angry tone.

She did as told. She knew he had given her leniency, but her bratty side had gone to far this time. He went to a drawer, grabbed something it was a blindfold. He put it on her. She hated them as they were a horrible mind fuck. Never know what is coming , you must try to stay calm. He knew whatever he did to her next would have to get her attention, being scared did not mean she mended her ways. She was more like a bratty child who was upset momentarily,  as she got caught, but making her think twice before ever pushing him again, would be the proven method of dealing with her. He sat her in a chair, put restraints on her wrists and ankles. She could hear what was happening, but the blindfold sharpened her senses. He grabbed her arm, walked her to the closet door, on the top of the door was an attachment that held her wrist restraints. Her arms above her head, ankles were shoulder length apart. She was facing the closet, she could tell.which meant her whole backside was exposed to him, to do as he wished. He had already had the toys that he wanted to use on her. The flogger, crop,belt. She saw them before the blindfold went on.

He started slow and steady, while he would also caress, she would start jerkying her body around, but she couldn’t get away. She was going to endure all that he had planned for her.
Each swat on her ass got harder and harder. She wanted to scream out in pain, but she dared not, as that excited him to no end. He changed toys again and kept her surprised as to what he would do. Occasionally he would reach around her and grab her body parts, clit, nipples. This time it was her nipples again, she could actually orgasm from just that, but he knew this. So the moment he could tell she was close, he stopped,then started again. She was getting louder with her moans. She really needed to cum, but that wouldn’t be happening, not today.  He took her off the door,  pushed her over the side of her bed, he knew she didn’t really like butt plugs, so he had her spread her cheeks and he went straight to putting in a plug.

“Sir that hurts, may I please have lube?” She cried.

“No , you made this problem, so you will feel it all today”.

” Yes Sir”, she said.  Tears welled up in her eyes, not just from the pain, but also that he was so disappointed  in her. She really failed,  that hurt her more than anything. He could tell that she finally understood his anger with her. He was far from being done. He turned her around and grabbed another toy.  This time he spread her legs far open,

“Hold them open, don’t move”, he replied.

“Yes Sir”  she said.

She still had her blindfold on, and had no idea what was coming. He started spanking her pussy, most pain she could process, but not this time, it sucked, not many things hurt like pussy whipping. The tears flowed now, he stopped when he was ready,  not her.
When he was finally done with her, her whole body went limp. He picked her up and out her on the bed, he put a blanket on her naked ,beaten body. And he lay next to her. Without one word between them she picked her head up and lay it on his chest. She heard his heart beating, it calmed her so much. She loved him and she knew she hurt him by disobeying, that alone was the cause of her tears. He held her close. She cried some more, and she apologized to him for real. Her heartfelt apology told him that she meant what she said.

“Kitten, you are still in trouble. Your body belongs to me. He grabbed between her legs,this might be on you, but I own every inch of it. Make sure you understand that” he said ,in a soft but firm tone.
He kept talking to her about all the things he saw her doing that were not allowed. Shopping, uncleanliness, whom she spent time with, how much money was being spent. She normally hated his lectures,  but she felt this was needed to mend what she has done.

Once he was done talking, they spent some real time together. Sharing, laughing. She needed that too. Sometimes when he is to busy, she feels like she’s not important. The more she asked for sex the less he tried to respond. He knew this was what they both wanted, but to give her more sex,  when she was clearly trying to get her way,just wouldn’t happen. He made her clean the apartment, after she made dinner. He stayed that night so he could make sure her mind was calm, and that she finished all work.

When she was done, they went back to her bedroom. He gave her one hell of a night! She loved having time with him. He knew just how to satisfy her, as well as what she always needed.

Before he left the next morning. He laid it all out very clear, she was under inspection,  they would all be surprises. Anytime day or night, he expected her to improve, because the next time he wouldn’t be so nice. She smiled her flirty smile at him, but she knew he meant it. Plus she had all the bruises on her body to prove he meant what he said. He started her on a journal, so he could see how she struggled, how she felt about things. He had her write out each rule of hers 200 times. If she couldn’t remember them well enough,  then writing them might help her to know what they are. She had a week to finish. Because she didn’t know when the next inspection was to happen.


4 thoughts on “You naughty little kitten(original story)

  1. You have a very good Dominant. So nice that he care for you so much.

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