Somewhere between heaven and hell


According to this chart my Daddy is Satan, my bff is God, I am an angel.

Oh, the classic struggle between good and evil. Only im the one struggling between them.I’m not talking religion, but from a standpoint, of how my Daddy and my bff are classified by their personalities. According to astrology I am an angel, well of course I am! Just don’t ask Satan or God, they have strong opinions on that one. But then no one believes Satan, and some don’t believe God. I guess you will just have to take my word for it!

In my world Satan and God are working together, they are trying to kill me. Pushing me out of my comfort zones, making me go to the gym a lot. Satan, I mean Daddy, has been pushing me much harder to fall in line, and completely  break me. I wonder what would happen if I didn’t do well, be sentenced to hell,I mean purgatory? Doesn’t He own the place?  Then there’s my bff, God,
I knew he thought he was some sort of supreme being.

So, God is getting me up at 5:30am. I am not much of a sleeper.i am most definitely not a morning person. God has a plan for my life. To get me to the gym 6-7 days a week. Sometimes twice in one day. The only time off is when I have plans with Satan. I’m sure Satan is pleased. God was sure thrilled, and full of himself. I would really like to smack God around, just a little bit.

God keeps texting me, ‘up yet, move your ass’

My response: ‘or what, thou shalt smite me?’

God: ‘ No, but I could tell your Daddy’

Me: ‘I’m up, and just for the record, I hate you’

God is now smiling.  God could care less if I ache all over, I do. God doesn’t give me any rest,  aren’t we supposed to rest on God’s day? Well we didnt, God drug me to the gym , won’t take less than 100%, and everytime I turn around coming up with schedules for stuff.

God let me know he will be in charge of letting me know my heavy and light days.huh? My period is involved in this now too? I am not a gym rat,  so this concept of God’s was lost on me. Once God started shaking his head at me, I knew it was wrong. But then clarification from either God or Satan is in short supply these days. I really wish when they spoke, think it though thru completely,  then I would know exactly what you want from this angel, and I wouldn’t have questions. Unless these are the signs that the world is coming to an end.

When I tick off Satan or God… Well God is not so scary to me, kick me out of heaven, rain down fire on me… ok.
But Satan is whole other story. For me to piss off Satan, is not good. Actually calling Him Satan will probably not amuse Him either, but I think He will understand for this one writing. He can be evil,hell He’s completely evil. His thoughts are dark, He relishes in the fact, that He alone can bring me to my knees in a moment. Truth be told, He does scare me. He has these piercing eyes when mad, a vein that pops out when I have pushed Him. No horns, or tail,  or pitchfork though. 

As of late, Satan has not been His sweet self. He has this mission to push me hard, out of my comfort zones, have me do every dirty and vile thing His evil mind concocts. Normally, I would wonder what’s  up with Satan, but I think He is trying to show me something. I think I underestimated  how evil He can get. He has not explained much to me. I feel off balance. My angel side needs balance. Trying to figure out what He wants from me has been impossible at this time. Will He ever be sweet again. I think so, but right now He has something He wants from me, my very soul. I can see that this is so important  to Him, just not sure why. I will just go with it, let Him lead,  as He should. Hope I am doing as He wishes for me to do.

Which is harder to live with, an irritated God, or a pissed off Satan… evil wins this round. Actually, in my world, evil wins hands down. Daddy is always in charge. But God does a good job of making me hate him too. I thought God was all loving and kind? Not this God.

So, whatever you do with your life make sure you don’t wind up where I am, between Satan and God, Satan controls me, I am in love with Satan, I fuck Satan, I worship Satan, would do anything for Satan. I  answer to Satan. But then God is a pain in my ass, usually i like him ,right now having doubts.i didn’t even know that Satan and God were working together.

But God does love the phrase ;
‘ would your Daddy like to know?’

Me: ” look bitch, threaten me again,  and it’s Armageddon  time. I don’t mind starting the apocalypse over this”

So, fuck you God.

Satan I am trying to make you happy Sir

Wow, my world is so weird! I’m glad the people in my life are not actually Satan or god, that would be difficult,  and not so funny. Lol.

Right now, I’m worried about where I will be spending eternity. Keeping Satan happy is my goal. God better back off a little. This angel is sore, tired and hungry, I just might become a fallen angel.


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