What’s on your mind babygirl?

Daddy, does ask often, and I’m so thankful that He does. But I am afraid if I told Him my real thoughts, show my real self, He may never ask again…LOL

My thoughts:

Am I hungry? Yum Mexican food, but then I have to go out, do I care? Nah, snack. On what? Chocolate,  would Daddy allow that?  Hmmm Daddy. Then if He  says no, have to pick again. Did I get laundry done. The car has trash in it. The other day at the gym, I liked the new machine I tried, what was the name of it. Any birthdays this month? Need to get cards. What holidays are coming up? Think kids did their meds, did I do mine? Oh yeah, call doctors office schedule  an appointment.  Daddy and whipped cream. Tomorrow  I have to get the kids out the door by 8am, which should just get the teen girl up about 5 am for her to get clothes/hair/makeup done. I really need some new bras, food shopping and this time write out the list. I really want to suck Daddys cock! I need to make sure I get peanut butter at the store and the right kind or no one eats it. Damn my Daddy is Hot! think I’m horny again!  i really hate the gym. Books back to the library on weds-  don’t forget- don’t want late fees, I need to make dinner tomorrow  night family will be over. Pick up kids toys. Toys -adult toys. Clean the house, clean bathrooms, has anyone cleaned bathrooms last week? Oh yeah kids did their chores- good that would be gross. I really need Daddy to spank my ass, I love the toys He uses on me,how Daddy handles me. When the fuck will Lee ever be done with that flogger?  Wonder if Daddy will let me shop, love clothes and shoes.  I love my Daddy more! Oh yeah those cute boots I showed Him the other day wonder if I could get them? Shower with Daddy – handcuff me to the bar, fuck yes!!! Rimming in the shower? How much milk is in the fridge? I can pick some up when I’m done at the gym. Get ty his pop too. I really want Daddys cock in my mouth!  End of the week -kids to ex, time with friends – maybe Daddy?  Wendys? Taco bell,yuck? Steak , only at logans my favorite, wonder if Daddy and I could do that again? Threesome-that was fun.  Vacuum, dust, windows. Get all of this done. Oh, buy a lottery ticket cuz you never know! I really want some Chocolate now,  I should just ask Daddy,  but if I ask Him for anything it will be sex, fuck yeah more sex. Love my Daddy, and sex with Him damn it’s so good!! Positions,  toys, cock, Daddy!!!now I’m stuck on sex. Ok usually thoughts go back to sex. Now I need sex. How can I get more? Can I  just demand it? Lol, not with Daddy. Feeling horny, now that bratty feeling is coming cuz of no sex or chocolate.  Supress  the brat, stop it, no! NO! I FUCKING SAID NO brat!  No being a brat, tired of paying for that. Think adorable Daddys babygirl. Long socks,pigtails, cute outfit. I think my head hurts. Balance checkbook. Any bills due? Steelers play who next? No, not Rothlisberger, say it with me now, Michael Vick!! Daddy hates my driving, so slow down. Daddy said rule review soon. I need to get other stuff done. Get an idea of where to move to. Make Daddy happy!

My usual response to Him:
♡ Nothing Daddy♡

Would He even understand my mind? Or would He just stop asking? I’m not sure.


7 thoughts on “What’s on your mind babygirl?

  1. I laughed out loud reading this. It’s just like the thoughts in my head. I could totally keep up.
    Take care!

  2. missagathaarmstrong says:

    Oh… Its what I call my chaotic messy head… It’s just as well men don’t think like we do …. Love you dearest girl x

  3. Kitten says:

    Hahaha – this is totally me on a daily basis! Only throw in unnecessary worry and anxiety about stupid shit…LOL

    Ahhhh, the minds of women!

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