Head starting at… $9.99


Yes you read it correctly. Head is starting at $9.99. Can any man think of a better way to start off the holidays? I think not. For those lucky ones that get Head, We aren’t talking to you, unless you want more!! And what man wouldn’t want more? No judgment.


Here’s a list of the many ways you can get Head:
1. The Beibs. He’s ready, willing,and oh so able. We are sure he gives great head, I mean come on ,why else would all these other musicians  want to work with such a no talent little fuck? Show the Beibs what a real man is like.
Prices are over inflated,like his head.

2. The ugly girl ,well she is the one starting at $9.99. Which really is a bargain. Since its not what you look like, while you are giving Head, it’s if she knows what she’s doing, but for all you shallow bastards, we  still have more for you to choose from. Also,  Try Groupon for the best value.

3.Zombie girl. This girl is Free! You will be signing a liability waiver, as we cannot guarantee you won’t get your Head and your cock bitten off, just cuz she’s a hungry zombie girl and you just became her manwich. Oh, I went there!
This is the only warning and disclaimer.

4. The pretty girl. Ahh yes, every man’s choice and fantasy. The only thing she will do for $9.99 is a hand job, and it’s only for a certain frame,so whether you cum or not is definitely  not her problem. She knows her slutty value, and what you will pay to get Head from her.

Prices are firm ( like her tits and ass), non negotiable. Her prices are not subject to change, no refunds, no coupons.

Head $100
♡Head and she gives you 10 mins to cum $135
♡Head and she let’s you cum, then cleans you up afterwards  $180
♡Head with hand job working your shaft $200
♡Head while playing with your balls $245
♡Head ,and you cum on her face $285
♡Head, you cum on her tits $300
♡Head, you cum in her ass. If you have to ask then honey you can’t afford it!!
♡Head from the pretty girl and the ugly girl cuz you are now just so horny you  need your dick sucked $900
♡Head from the pretty girl and her hott  bff. Priceless,  but you still can’t afford it. No photos.
♡deep throat. Yeah you wish! Go get yourself a proper slut. 

If you are married or have a girlfriend  there will be a 10%tax added to your total, cuz we don’t want your bullshit in here, so for us to hide this transaction it will cost you.

Cash,  or Cards accepted. No EBT accepted at this time.

Prices subject to change the more desperate  the man seems, and lonely he looks as the holidays get closer. The pretty girls prices do not change, she’s not stupid, she knows if you want it bad enough, she’s got you by the balls. I mean she knows you will pay out the ass. I mean… of fuck it! You know what I mean.

Gift certificates available


5 thoughts on “Head starting at… $9.99

  1. Cara says:

    I would suggest charging a “special” fee for former Brooklyn Congressman Anthony Weiner and other elected officials…they can, and WILL, pay extra for discretion.

  2. lexxiblue says:

    This pay made me laugh… A lot. Would you mind if I share on Twitter?

  3. LMAO!!! LOVE THIS!! 🙂

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