Feeling loved, fucked well, and guilty

The last few days were so good. My Daddy came over to spend time with me, two days in a row. The reason it’s a big deal, is that my Daddy is usually so very busy. I respect that, but I miss Him too.

How weds went: like any other day, except that in Az it was raining. I was sending Daddy meme’s and naughty photos. My usual thing to do! I love sending Daddy things that show much I love Him, horny I am, or just to get Daddy more horny! I’m naughty like that.When He came in the house, I was already waiting for Him in slave position, being the good Daddy that He is used me any which way He wanted. He started out by lovingly having me open my mouth for His cock, while still in slave position,  and some kisses from Him too. Once He is ready for to release that position He always puts His hands out to help me up. He them ordered me to be on the bed, and He started giving it to me good, but in a naughty way, not the like a sweet and nice way, He knows my body is His to use as He pleases, and oh fuck does He!!! He used me over and over ,my body is shaking, I can’t take one more minute, I’m out of breath, freshly fucked hard, and loving every minute of it.  Damn He’s good at that. He held me afterwards and we talked for a bit. I love my Daddy!

How Thurs went:  Daddy was working til late , let me know He has a few things to take care, then He would be over and He was mine all night!! Yay! Once Daddy walked in, He was trying so hard to hide that He was tired,  He was wanting us to have time together, outside of ghe bedroom. That was so lovely, but my Daddy was tired. There was no way I wanted to add more on that. I do love staying home and watching netflix too. So we did that, talked for a bit, kissed. I was in a very strange head space ,as my best friend had just broke off his engagement and was very upset. It was hard to not feel guilty that I have everything with my Daddy,  while I am watching my friends life unravel. We will get back to that…

I think Daddy noticed to. How He knew what I needed, I will never know. But oh my god! Daddy and I usually fuck like there’s no tomorrow.  We are great at sex! Sex with Daddy is fun! But last night was probably the second time that we didn’t have sex, we made love. Yes, there’s a difference.  He’s much more gentle, each thrust is for pleasure not pain, I can feel Him on top of me, His weight on me is comforting. They way He looks into my eyes as He is thrusting inside. It’s breath taking, in a different  way. I so needed that. It was beautiful. But then something changed. Daddy was getting more horny, I was too. You could feel this animalistic urge come up from the depths of us. Like our bodies were saying, ‘ ok,  you made love, now let’s fuck’ and it was on. Daddy had me cumming  so hard, and over and over. Now I’m multi orgasmic but this was harder and deeper. Oh fuck! Daddy brought it on. He was thrusting so hard, my body was shaking and moving, it was like watching the exorcist but without spewing green vile. Fuck! He kept going, but then He sent me over the edge, He started playing with my clit while He was thrusting. Oh God, oh Fuck! He kept that up for sometime. I couldn’t take anymore. My body was wanting a break. The wrong move happened, I moved away from Him.

Rule #1, never move away from Daddy. He was mad and all over that in seconds. Picked me up, moved me around. My back was to Him, He bent me over the bed. I knew what was coming for pissing Him off. He violated my ass. It was painful, He made it painful. Til I couldn’t take it one more second. I was so very very sorry for moving away from him. Oh yeah, very sorry. 

I found myself feeling guilty. I was having the time of my life with my Daddy, but my friend was having the worst day ever. I was in love with Daddy, and my friend just lost in love. I get to plan my life with my Daddy,  and my friends life is being uprooted and unresolved. 

By this afternoon,  I found my happy place again. My Daddy is everything to me. I don’t want to feel guilty for being so happy.  I do feel for my friend, but then I feel so lucky, so blessed, so happy. I never know how I got such a great Daddy. Fate? I don’t know. But I do enjoy my life now, especially  with Daddy in it.

Thank you Daddy♡


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