Strip poker for 2

The night started like any other, the moment He walked through the door, my heart beats faster. Once He walks through the door, ‘Daddy!!’. I have to feel His arms around me, kiss Him, smell Him. He has this earthy scent mixed with diesel fuel, lol. But I love it, He’s intoxicating.

We all sit at the table, talking with friends.  As I listen to Him, He offers advice to someone who asks. I love to see how He see’s the world , and all the bullshit in it. Damn, He is so smart. He offers the same advice that I would give. To see Him just be himself in that moment. I get this feeling of,  ‘ wow, this man impresses me, I have Him in my life, yay me!’

We are heading out the door to go to dinner, spend some quality time together. I do so enjoy that. ‘Mexican Food’ , He spoils me. Conversation with Him, it can be about everything, anything, nothing, as long as I’m with Him! I love that He takes charge in everything, He orders for me. He opens doors for me. I could so get used to that as He is in my life. Once we leave the restaurant,  He’s got ideas, yummy!

He is talking about playing poker. He knows I don’t know how. But that grin on His face, makes me want to play!
Playtime with Daddy!  Once we are back at my place, Daddy decides on strip poker. I already know I’m coming out of my clothes, but the fun way He has it happening , Hmmm I like it! He still surprises me.

He’s showing me how to play poker, Texas hold ’em. I see Him as He’s shuffling  and explaining the game to me. I do listen intently, I figure at some point He will be the naked one,lol. Although I do enjoy where this is going. Before the hand is played, Daddy let’s me know we are playing for ALL my clothes on this first hand. Do I want to win, or lose??? Which one will get me naked faster for Daddy.

As we play the hand, I lose. Or did i? Daddy wants me out of my clothes, and to go slowly,  so He can watch His slave undress before Him. To be touched by Him. To be adored by my Master. To be kissed by my Daddy.  As He touches my skin I melt into Him. He places these sweet kisses on my skin, now I’m wet. Oh, to be thrown on the bed, as he undoes His belt and zipper,  I know what He’s after. He takes whatever He wants, as I belong to Him only. What a feeling that is. Do we ever really hear those words? I belong to Him. Hmmmm
The sweet pleasure as He enters my body, how He gives it to me hard. He sets me on fire with this desire. My body is ready to go, only He’s not having that. He won’t let me cum til He says, being so turned on and multi orgasmic don’t mix well for waiting. Please let me cum soon Sir, holding back is near impossible.  As He keeps giving it to me. Oh fuck, I need to cum, I am loving every minute He is giving me. I do enjoy looking into His eyes when He fucks me hard, It’s indescribable,  but so hot. I really do love being a part of His life.  Living moment by moment, enjoying life with Daddy.

Thank you Sir, I had such a good time!

And Yes, eventually He did let me cum!


2 thoughts on “Strip poker for 2

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    Your words are … the bees knees …

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