How well does He know me!

Just because He feels He knows me well, does He really? Lol

I love love love my kids and my cookie face! And my sweet boy in heaven.
Does He know just how much I love to shop? I do like the finer things in life. But they are not necessary.  In my mustang  (lost in divorce), I would drive over 100 mph down the freeway, no fear, just me and the road at 3am. Does He know I love old black and white old movies, Bela Lugossi to be my favorite. Carrey Grant,  Marilyn Monroe, James Stewart, Doris Day. Ok, but got my kids hooked too! The movie ‘up’ always makes me cry, just the beginning.

I’m a music aficionado. Pick any genre I listen to it. Classical, opera, pop, oldies,country, rhythm and blues, dance, electronic, meditation,  heavy metal, 80’s, not much I won’t listen too. So trying to tell you my favorites would take all day.

Top ones: Beatles, ella fitzgerald, B.B.King, ray charles, maroon5, have to say Motley Crue!, Wiz Kalifa, lil john, eminem ,Luke Bryan.So many more… i turn music up real loud in my car, yes my daughter and I are dancing to it! Yes, there are dance moves!! 

In life, i have had some very bad moments, some great ones, silly ones, sad ones. But life is all about moments! Life is what you make it. 

I love shoes! I love clothes more, I think! Daddy has seen my closet!  I do love reading a good book. On a rainy afternoon, if I’m not out playing in the rain, you can find me cuddling with my kids in a blankie, eating a grilled cheese and watching movies/cartoons. I love to color, I look at each page as a work of art, use your imagination! I’m not really into many crafts, but occasionally  I will make stuff with my kids. I love to go to the park and feed the ducks. Then play on swings and slides, I know I sound like a little, but I’m not. I’m a middle! Having girls night with my daughter, with gooey mud on our faces,and doing our toes. Halloween, I love ALL the candy, and excitement  going on. But I  like holidays. Near Christmas,  my kids and I , bake all kinds of goodies!! If a friend needs me, I will be by your side through it all. I do love a great party, I’m a party girl!!! I walk into a room, and think ‘wow I will know these ppl before I leave! So who is gonna be a new friend?’  Sometimes I do sit back and watch the world pass by. I love to observe, I’m a photographer,  we live for the moment that no one else can see. I love animals, but train your dog, he’s not just family, he can sometimes be like that annoying drunk uncle no one likes,  now quit sniffing my crotch, I didn’t sniff yours.

I’m a simple kind of girl,most of the time. I love to laugh, keep me laughing.  I can cry, but I would rather not. I can get angry, but I believe there is a time/place for it, then let it go. I can be forgiving, but don’t fuck with ppl I love. You will have no idea how evil I can be…  If I hate you, you have zero chance of changing that,  unless I see a real change in you, which hasn’t happened  often. I have a lil bit of a temper. It doesn’t show itself to often. Cops don’t freak me out, my boobs have gotten me out of many tickets.l love the zoo!  I do like going to movies, playing goofy golf, some arcade games. I like haunted houses. I do love to be busy, I’m a libra. If you want to keep us happy, we need balance.  Busy helps me balance. Give me time on my own to breathe,  think. But for the love of everything holy,  don’t let me overthink.

I’m not into man made religion. But after studying for yrs. I do gravitate to taoism,buddism, and kabbalah. I don’t get scared by phenomenon I can’t explain, but I find it interesting.

My most favorite  quote of all time:
” life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death” -auntie mame ( Lucille ball)

I go on dates with my kids. Because time with them means a lot. They pick what we do, where we go. My girl loves malls. My son loves the hospital.  Lol. They have great food, and a huge train, he’s autistic so when he connects to something I go with it!

My favorite ppl in history, is as vast as my music list. So my personal favorites  are, Einstein, and Nikola Tesla, Elizabeth Blackwell. So many more!!

I love inspirational people: Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Eckhart Tolle, Fred Allen Wolf, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden. Yes some are considered new age, but that won’t stop me. I thirst for knowledge.

I love dr suess books. I don’t love Christmas,  but I love watching my kids decorate the tree. Their smiles. All the crap they think I’m gonna buy! Christmas movies( most make me tear up, I’m a hopeless romantic)  and one weekend in December , we make cookies and fudge and then deliver it to friends. Personal gifts are my fav!!!  If you thought about me, it will show! There’s stuff I like from stores,  but the thought counts with me. After divorce, I spend a lot of holidays alone, most weren’t sober. In the last year and a half they are now. Which is better!
I like to watch the ball drop on news yrs with the kiddos,  I love fireworks, chili dogs, a banana split. A home cooked meal that I didn’t have to cook.BBQ.  I do like cleaning. Hate to cook, but I own a ton of cookbooks,lol.  Ok, at one time, I did love to cook. Make a meal for people who could appreciate the time I put into creating that meal.  If I love you, I mean it, you are in my heart. Just don’t hurt me. I have had more than enough,  it’s the reason most can’t get in. I love watching football with some honey bbq wings! I do yell at my team thru my tv, they can hear me!! When I win the lottery, I have big plans. Charities that helped my kids. Single mom’s who I know struggle. One particular group of ppl dear to my heart. My daughter wants to do her own business, so does my boys, so does Daddy. A big home! Fast cars, a hot pink truck, boat, toys galore.  Shopping. Vacations. I said shopping right.My home would have a man cave for the guys and  friends, and fun stuff for me. Fun for kids. A dungeon for Daddy and I . I would buy homes and flip them. I love fixing them up. Plus I do decorate.  Then to learn to be my own real estate agent, cut out the middle man. Keep my money! i know darn well Daddy would never leave me in charge of it, but a gameplan would be best. Went off track a bit…

This is me. Of course there is more. I hit on most things! Oh, I do love to write!
I’m a brat.  I’m a babygirl, I’m a submissive, but I started as a slave. I love cookies, bagels,  Mexican food. Love the beach, love vegas.  I want to visit nepal, israel, egypt, Florida! (Love it there, but not the humidity). Disneyland.Disneyworld. I love museums.  The movie vacation, iconic. I miss people who should be in my life. I do love walking through a cemetery,  they are peaceful. Lee, shall we??

But to see me at my happiest. Being silly with my kids, or in the arms of the man(Daddy) I love♡

I worry about my Daddy, as much as I do my kids. Is He happy. Is He to tired. Is He stressed, how can I help or serve Him. Is He hungry? When will I get to see Him!

Life is good, it’s only getting better. 


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