So you want to collar, marry your sub or slave

Made you look! As my girls who are new in the lifestyle were wanting more info. This is for K., M., and T. Hope this helps explain everything clearly.

As promised, it took me some time, but yes I found the bdsm ceremony ‘the Rose ceremony'( will be a separate post). So now girls you have some other options. Since K. and her daddy have been talking about collaring, possible marriage,  neither one is set on marriage. Here is my advice. You can take it or leave it. Just take your time. Make wise decisions. All I ask! I know you have picked out rings together. But here are some options. 

With collaring, I want you to think of this as an engagement ring. It is just that sacred, to many of us . I, personally have not been collared,  but know some who have. The Dom will ask you if you will  recieve/wear his/her collar.  The answer  you are looking for is ‘Yes’. Lol. Once accepted the communication  needs to be spot on. Do you both see yourself getting married? If yes , than you can do both traditional  marriage and collaring ceremony  together. I know some who have. Please be kind to vanillas who attend your wedding, this should be much after wedding or way before. Closest friends/family who know what’s going on. Lots of photos, remember it’s special, just like marriage.  Make it nice,  make it a big deal.  He wont collar you again in your relationship, so agree if it’s just you two or a bigger ceremony followed by a party. Even married and collared on the same day. It’s both of you, so make sure you agree on it. Again, not to be taken lightly.

Now, if you and your Dom have talked about all this, but decide marriage is not for you, or just not quite yet. You have options. You can combine collaring ceremony with a commitment ceremony, yes it’s a real thing. You can even do collaring ceremony with the Rose ceremony.

For collars that are not permanent,  try a slave day collar, or collar of protection. Almost the same thing. It’s a symbol that you belong to someone. The collars listed here are part time collars. I do wear these. I can make them or buy them. Run it by my Master, make sure he is happy. They are only on me, when I’m going out somewhere. The collar can be like a necklace,  bracelet, or ring.  Entirely up the your Dom. He will set the rules and structure for it.

All collars symbolize something to your Dom. A real collar is about complete ownership. The part time collars are for  showing you have a dominant.

So to my girls, I hope this answered many ,if not all questions. You know you can text or email me. But this was easier than explaining several times!







3 thoughts on “So you want to collar, marry your sub or slave

  1. I am an owned kitten but wear no collar…. My Dom is new to the lifestyle. I love him very much and we live together. I would love to talk to you about him sometime. We are having some issues right now and are in negotiations for our next contract. You can email me at I would love some feedback!

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