Alright I will explain it!! No, it’s not a secret code. But it is the questions I ask myself all throughout my day now.

WWDS: What Would Daddy Say
WWDWMTD: What Would Daddy Want Me To Do

These two questions stay foremost in my mind now. It’s how I find happiness in my day. I want to please Him in my thoughts and actions. His wish, is my command. That statement alone has cost me many vanilla friends. Albeit, I’m fine with that, but I wouldn’t be fine if I couldn’t serve Him. That keeps me happy.

I think these thoughts whether I at the gym, thinking of shopping ( which I have cut down on), taking care of my home or myself. Basically  throughout the day.

I started the gym, for the sole purpose  of attending a wedding. Well that fell apart, no wedding. But He refused to let me quit the gym. Why not? I blurted out one day. Now He knows me well, He knows I  struggle with body issues. Even to the point of asking Him if I may alter my body. He just laughs. I guess I see His point,  I should not be allowed to put myself down if it’s something I can change with hard work. Plus the other side of that coin is that He picked me, not based on what I look like, well maybe a little! But He thinks I’m beautiful,  for me to put myself down causes Him much grief/anger. So, I see His point , I’m staying at the gym. He has increased my days and time I attend. Of course He can see the progress made when naked before Him, no way around that.

My whole day is regemented by this process. This is what D/s is about. Master is to be happy, pleased with His slave. I don’t get to question. Occasionally I am brilliant enough to say, “but Daddy”. Which He kindly takes as I’m rebelling. Then in turn gets me into trouble. Never say it, think it, don’t say it. Although He now has said , ‘don’t give me that look’ which I guess He clearly knows, I’m thinking it! He can block the words, but He can’t take the babygirl  out of the slave. The babygirl just wants her own way.

I do ask myself these questions as my Master, Daddy cannot be with me all day long. Nor can I stop and ask Him all day. I can let Him know that I did the right thing, and give the example. Which as He puts it, ‘ I’m always proud when you’re doing good’ .

I let His words permeate right through me. I need them, so I stay focused, on task. Everyday is a task. So I can now look at each situation ,and think these 2 questions. I can remember  the example I am setting for my kids, other subs and babygirls if im around friends / family. Whether He hears it from me or someone else, I would rather He be proud of me. I would like everyday situations to be based on how I know He wants me to behave, and expects me to behave.

Examples of this:

Junk food
Drinking pop
Play time ( all by myself )
Keeping up the house
My kids/friends

He noticed my driving! He saw I wasn’t in a hurry, I was courteous  to other drivers, I didn’t make Him want to run screaming from the car, and feel like He needed to go over His life insurance policy.

When we go out together, I always ask Him if I may have pop, love pop!. He has always been kind and said ‘yes’. Do I expect it, no. If He said no I would still be His slave and behave proper. Even on my own, He will, at times, let me have some too. It’s not a constant thing. He also knows if He asks, ‘ Anything you need to tell me babygirl’ is absolutely  the magic question.

I do not like that question, but because I know He will ask it at anytime it keeps me honest. I won’t lie to Him. 

That question works so well, I think I have confessed to where Jimmy Hoffa’s body is hidden, and I wasn’t even there. He knows I will tell Him everything. Think of Jim Carrey in the movie ‘Liar Liar’ he’s talking to the cop. That’s me, I will confess it all, even things I have no control over like weather, alien reports of sightings, natural disasters. I’m kidding on the last part of course, but I can’t keep things from Him. I know it would harm the trust He’s placed in me, and our relationship,  both things of which I don’t want to lose.

The better question is how will He deal with me once I’ve confessed? That’s a whole writing on itself. It won’t be good. The moment I hear the words roll off His tongue, ‘ I’m very disappointed with you’. I am at instant tears, I know I screwed up, it was never to hurt Him intentionally,  but His words are way worse than any punishment  He hands down. I play them over and over in my head. The tears will flow, I love Him but my actions are were not showing my love and honor for Him. I don’t usually  repeat the mistake or bad judgment. I don’t think I could handle disappointing Him twice about the same thing. Now if it’s a weak spot in me, He will fix it.

So, in a nutshell,  this is how this slave honors her Master throughout the day. He is first in my thoughts. I want only what He wants for me/us. I love making sure He is happy. I know I did the right thing! I’m usually beaming with pride, smiling to myself , and thinking ‘ Daddy is proud of me’. I love that feeling. It also quiets the brat on me.


3 thoughts on “WWDS/ WWDWMTD

  1. toraprincess says:

    I have been using WWDD what would Daddy do. 🙂
    My D doesn’t want to micromanage so thinking this on my own helps me a lot. Sometimes I will ask permission for things not required just to feel it directly. 🙂

  2. missagathaarmstrong says:

    kisses my love x

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