Who’s my Daddy?

♡{update on ceremony of the Roses}♡
So I did get an email from a sub, I will call her L. She said after reading my post she was moved to propose to her Dom. He didn’t accept proposal for marriage, but did agree to the ceremony of the Roses. Congratulations  L. and to your Dom as well. I wish you all the best!! And thanks for letting me know someone was reading! I wrote it for my gf’s since they are all making plans in their relationships. That was so nice to know!

Now back to the subject at hand.

So, who is my Daddy? He’s this wonderful man. Big blue eyes, I mean the most beautiful  shade of blue, I plan on looking into them for a long time! He has this smile that just melts me, I think that’s how my clothes fall off. His physique exquisite. He has this cock thats…. ok I think about that right now. But super impressive,  and knows how to use his equipment ladies. Yay me! He has this great ass, oh my I love to grab it. Now I must say there have been a few times I just wanted to smack it cuz it’s so hot, but I don’t think I could run that fast. His chest so muscular with arms that are muscular, to feel His embrace, well there’s a reason I call Him ‘Beast’ , He doesn’t know His own strength. He could crush me, but what a way to go♡.  I am sure its pheromones, but whatever that scent is, it’s intoxicating.  I smell Him on me after sex, omg! I have one of His shirts that I sleep in, granted it used to smell like Him, maybe I can get Him to put His scent on it for me. I slept like a baby, granted I was a very horny baby, but that’s just what He does to me!  But that’s physical Daddy.

I also want to talk about everyday Daddy side of Him. He’s a Daddy through and through. Fuck is He smart. Hard worker, great dad, one hell of a Master, dependable friend ( even when He’s asleep and your ass is 2 hrs away, He will be there), that is just the kind of man He is.  It does hit me on a usual  bssis, that I have no idea how I got so lucky to be a part of His life.

I have seen how busy He is. Believe me, the brat in me saw it too. I ran with it. I used that to my full advantage. It did not go well for me. He was paying attention  the whole entire time. Now admitting this next part might infuriate Him, but here goes. I did test that and often. To see what I could get away with. From my past experiences, the busier the man the more I got away with stuff. I got bored quickly and would leave. But this Daddy, he’s so exciting. I never  know which way to turn , because He’s paying attention. Months ago I realized I could behave, but to be able to fully give myself to any man, He had go prove He could handle me. Also , if they want my submission , well come and get it big boy. I’m not new ,and I’m not just handing it over,  earn my respect to call you Master, and I will be on my knees before Him every damn time. It will my honor to be at your feet. But I need guarantees that I’m not wasting my time. He showed this to me real quick, Plus more.

What was more? Well for starters, He broke me. Only 1 other man tried, but I knew it wouldn’t happen, but with my Daddy. Once I saw it coming at me like a full on train, the ground rumbling under my feet, and boom. It just hit me. I was going to be broken, over and over til He got rid of every shred of the past. I will be shining like a diamond diamond ( yes a little Llama song in there).  At first I fought Him, resisted. But once He showed me how safe I was, I calmed down and gave myself to the process willingly. I’m so glad I did. That doesn’t mean I haven’t screwed up and gotten off track, it means He was stern about stay on the path He is showing me , before He ties me to the path, or just drags me! Hmm caveman!

There is also this thing He does, oh yeah , reads me like a damn book. How does He do that? At first, I thought He’s spying on me, interviewing  my family and friends, nope. He just gets me. He knows I can get emotional, good or bad way, and He’s prepared. He knows what to say to put me on task and pull me back from the edge. He’s never pushed harder than He knows I can go. I will resist, but He holds me accountable. He is aware I overthink everything. I can get upaet, but He knows how to stop it in 2.2 secs. Wow.

He’s smart, and I’m not blowing sunshine up His ass(what a great ass it is!), nor am I saying empty compliments. He is one person I really enjoy talking to. There is a huge difference  when talking to Daddy, to my girlfriends. My girls ,we go on and on. If I even think it will happen with Him, He gets this look, I know to make it brief, concise, to the exact point,  if it’s a question just say it. Sometimes I tick Him off right at this point. Not intentional, but when I process I have questions. I am usually  trying to figure out how important the question is ,so I don’t waste His time. Is it something I could figure out on my own. By the time I try to think, He has already mssgd saying ;

“you’re pissing me off, now ask me the question”.

After a statement like, I’m usually  hoping it’s a question that even the pope, will hear, and stop noise around the world, and realize it was the most brilliant  question. Seeing as how that has never happened, you can guess that my questions are sometimes, not that great. If I had taken more time I might have come up with my own answers, plus most of the time after He has answered , my first thought is

“That  is exactly what I was thinking” only I don’t trust myself to have the answers.  Daddy does, He has shown me several times that I have this, I’m smart, I can do this. My confidence is growing,  how on earth do I ever pay Him back for all the changes He is making, or has made in me? That is where my submission  comes in. It’s a privilege,  no,  an honor to give myself to someone to who makes me feel smart, important,  alive again.  But is that enough?  Good question.  I do know that was when this overwhelming feeling came in, I had no idea what it was. I had never felt that before. Then a friend said,
‘Honey, you’re in love’

This was the feeling I had been missing, the reason it never worked with anyone else, they aren’t Daddy. No one could ever achieve  my full submission,  I just knew there was someone I was waiting for. I never cherished being on my knees before.

Anyone who is worth my full submission,  is worth taking my time with. I want long term, Daddy does too. But when you are in no hurry , there’s no destination, no expectations.  The pressure is off. We can be ourselves. I’m not going anywhere, and not making any plans in my life but to serve Him. Daddy seems to be happy as well. That means we have made a plan, to just see where life takes us, what a cool journey it’s been so far. Granted, life throws shit our way, but I love watching how we get through things together. I love to see Him take the lead,  listen to how He wants me to handle my part, then we just watch. Things do work out.  Is everyday easy,  umm no, not at all. But I think the true measure of any couple is how you handle  life’s ups and downs. Those will be a constant.

If I was grading Daddy, on being a Daddy, well He gets almost all A’s. I still don’t get my way very often, I don’t see why I can’t have my way…


Will Daddy be amused… no
Does babygirl  care … yes, it could be my ass. Probably is.

It all comes down to I honestly love my Daddy. I also think my actions should show Him, not always words. I think you go the extra mile when the other person cannot. When it’s right, and this sure feels right, it’s just easy. There is no reason why this relationship  should be so easy, but it just works. That has scared me more than anything. I’m not anymore,  now I get it. When it’s the right person, at the right time, it just works.  Now here is where I am full of regret, I met this man last year, my life was falling apart. I didn’t think it was fair to put Him thru that. I knew I couldn’t give Him 100% of myself. So I let Him go. I still wonder what would have happened if I had not done that. But then the past is the past. So stop asking myself that question.  My only regret… ok there are always some regrets in life, like why I ever did a perm in my teens. Why did I buy clothes and never wear them. Why did I stay when I knew it was just wrong(past ).

All I do know, is that I’m sure I’m with the right person, at the right time. My Daddy!!!! I am so happy!!!! I am in love for the first time ever!!!! I’m so lucky!!!! I’m spoiled!!!! Best sex I have ever had!!!!
Life is good♡

Thank you Daddy for being on this journey with me

I get it now! He knows me so well, because I write all the time. He makes me write, He knows I love to write. He reads everything. Damn, He did it again. Smart Daddy.


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