A love letter to my Master, my love♡

This will not be any ordinary writing,   as I am addressing you Sir ,my Master. The one who holds my heart, and my submission. 

I humbly will be before you Sir, as you may want to know if every word written here is true. It will be my honor Sir, to be at your feet, to be permitted to answer that question. 

Thank you Sir, for even allowing me to write til my hearts content, and always reading everything I write. That in itself, means the world to me Sir. I do have something I truly want to say…

I am sorry Sir, for all pain I have caused, all my antics that I put you through. Any and all brattiness that came out of my mouth whether in text, on the phone, or in writing. I have forgotten , at times, to whom I am speaking to Sir. I am not new to this lifestyle,  and for me to be so childish was wrong, yes I am a babygirl,  but that cannot be an excuse.  I am a grown woman, your property Sir. My mind should have been on you, and not myself. Granted their are times for that , but you have displayed such patience with me. I can only guess that you see something worthy in the breaking of me, or even that you want to build a long term relationship  on. I am just so thrown by your actions Sir. They way you have displayed yourself a gentle Dom at every moment. The way you treat me like a princess, even at times it was not deserved.

I alone have caused much grief. I cannot even find the words to correctly apologize and to show you my sorrow for all the wrong things I have done, but I can promise you Sir that starting now, I will do much better. I can’t promise perfect, as you know I’m far from that. But I can give my all to you. To show you I am right where I want to be. That I am replacing my thoughts about my own happiness with how to please you in thought,word, and action.

I want only what you want for me. For some reason you see something  in me Sir that I don’t see. That right there makes me feel so special. That with millions of people on this earth , you picked me to be at your feet, at your side, in your bed. Thank you Sir.

I know that you have plans for me, for us. I welcome them. I will not complain, but instead watch the process that you are putting before me, of how I can best serve you. If I struggle, I know I am to come to you and ask for your help, so my struggle will stop. I have processed how I’m feeling, and what I wanted to say for a while now Sir.  I want to be the image of the slave, that you know I can be. To go back to where I started, a slave, feels natural to me. I can honestly say Sir, no one has ever brought it out of me in quite a long time. Thank you Sir. I did wonder if I should make this private, just between us, but I know me I will struggle with getting the words out, I might start to cry ( not sure you can handle more at this moment). I just know that I needed to tell you Sir. That I don’t want to be the babygirl  you met almost 7 months ago. I want to be a better version of her. To be the way you want,  and need me to be. This statement means everything to me Sir. I hope you can tell I am speaking from my heart right now Sir. I don’t care what anyone thinks , but you Sir.  I love you Sir, and it gets deeper all the time. I truly never thought I would feel like this again. Thank you for waking that in me, thank you Sir for being you, thank you Sir for never giving up on me after all the crap I have put you through. I am sorry you ever needed a list. I’m sorry you have sometimes had to wonder what you will do with me, to the point I’ve exasperated  you. It absolutely  hurts my heart to look back on our time, of the last 6 months together, and realize I was such a pain. And for what? So I couldn’t get hurt. I wish I could go back and erase the bad moments I still remember. The way I displayed myself before you. That is not really who I am, I somehow think you know that Sir.

Thank you Sir for showing me the best reason of all to open up and let you in my life,heart, mind, soul. Because of your love and care for me. Thank you Sir. It’s an honor to be yours, all yours! I only hope I can make you proud of me, your slave /babygirl from here on out. As I put you first in my thoughts.

I love you Daddy♡ I love you Master♡






2 thoughts on “A love letter to my Master, my love♡

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    I keep coming back to this post – you are such a joy my loveky x

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