How you raise a child, is how to train your babygirl.

I have really been listening  to Daddy so much lately. That when I am talking to my own kids , I find I say the same or similar things that Daddy says.
Such as:
“I am the one in charge, not you”
” if you can’t behave ,then maybe you need some time to yourself to think”
” what did I just say”
“Don’t lie to me ”
“I’m paying attention,  more than you think”
” Don’t even ”
“Don’t think about it”
“Will you just stop”
” Why can’t you just behave yourself”






I think you can get the point! Babygirls and children are a lot alike, they push to your limit of sanity. Make you want to lash out  irrationally. Sometimes, you just want to spank them, put them in the corner, or get them busy. A busy child, I mean babygirl  cannot tick you off, which is why babygirls are on task so much! Keep her busy, keep her mind on task.

When we get to the point of,’ ready to throw a temper tantrum’  there is someone who is there to stop it, Daddy. Sometimes, He’s to late.  We have already thrown all stuffed animals, stomped our feet, made all the noises that say we are not happy, and stuck our tongue out at you. Thank goodness you are on the other end of a phone. But occasionally He’s not. Then we lose privileges, stuffies, tv, phone, we need a nap or alone time. What Daddy says will be.

Then, just like children, we need attention,to be held, someone to talk to us. We will need advice from Daddy, just because we are grown up doesn’t mean we always trust that us babygirls have the answers. We may need your guidance, and understanding. But we need to ask for it.

This new crop of subs,slaves, and babygirls  have a huge sense of entitlement. In the last few weeks I have heard more subs tell me,” Dom should keep me happy, I’m not putting up with any crap, He will not show me any disrespect or humiliate me” and my favorite so far is, ” I’m the sub,  I hold all the power, He better realize that”.  So how will your dominant take control and nip that in the bud? Well, new subbies,  I hate to tell you,  but you are in for a rude awakening.  I can’t even fathom saying any of that crap to my Daddy, granted I’m a bit of a brat, but I know if I said any of that, run…

So, how will He teach you:

*He will limit your access to pleasure
*He wont bail you out, you will have consequences.
*He will make you face failure, learn responsibility
*He may set an allowance if you spend to much
*He will help you value hard work
*He will be consistent with rules, structure
*He will teach you to be thankful/grateful
*He wont be your best friend, He loves you , loves to talk to you, but this is girlfriend time. That’s not what Daddys do. Even in that relationship He is close to you, cares for you, you are friends/soulmates, but there is a line you won’t cross. He wont be painting toe nails, doing mud masks,  or your hair. Get it?!
*He wont let you feel royal, it couldgo to your pretty little head. He keeps you grounded. He might call you princess but that doesn’t mean you are royal
*He will hold you accountable
*He may encourage you to give back. To your community, maybe volunteer.
*He will not give you everything, that could make you a spoiled brat
*He will be firm with you
*He will establish boundaries
*He will not let you have your way,only when earned
*He wont give you gifts if you are not a good receiver. Learn manners
*He will discourage certain relationships with friends if you are not behaving or its not healthy for you.

This is how D/s works. This is how most of us subs,slaves,babygirls learn to do as our Doms, Masters, or Daddys wish. It’s very hard to be around this new bunch. If this is you, you may want to reevaluate your submission. It’s not to be half assed. It’s total submission, and not when you want, or are ready. 

So do us all a favor, stop calling yourself a sub, slave, or babygirl if you are against everything listed. Those of us trained like this find it hard to be around you. Even Dominants are not amused. Maybe you are really a kinkster? Or even a dominant? We do wish you all the best, but it’s tiring to listen to or watch.

Once you have her training,  she’s doing great. Keep in mind , just like a child, we need encouragement. Tell us you are proud of us. Call her, “good girl”. Give her that extra push to keep pleasing you. That’s really what she wants to do. Good luck training your babygirl. 






10 thoughts on “How you raise a child, is how to train your babygirl.

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    Oh you deliciously dreamy girl… I could never imagine in a million life times having the attitude of these new subs, baby girls or slave’s … how extrodinary … they should think about being doms …. I wonder if they will give up knowing what it actually means to kneel before the men we love or …

    I adore you – and thank you my lovely … this has cheered me up no end …

    • stacieinaz says:

      Thank you Ms. Agatha, you do honor me with your words, it is such a joy that you know exactly what I was speaking about. I have thought them to be switches, or just kinksters, but yes they definitely could be dominants, but not submissive.

      • missagathaarmstrong says:

        Defiantly not submissive… kinksters… yes … it is such a graceful joy the way we are … and they think that we are weak … I am glad that they don’t read me… heaven only knows what they would say… doms and kinksters these girls are. But each to their own xxx

        But you my lovely are truely lovely x

      • stacieinaz says:

        Yes, I agree, to each their own. Just stop acting like subs plz. Find where you truly belong. If being sub is it, then plz stop trying to change the LS and do your own thing without putting us down, meaning those of us who truly submit to a Dominant

  2. Cara says:

    And I’m a Middle because I need rules. I need someone to put me on an allowance so I don’t spend too much, I need someone to remind me to eat fruit every day and less junk

  3. I am at an impasse with my Sir… He is finally beginning to understand that training me is very important… I hope he reads your blog cause I sent him a link… I don’t suppose there is any way to get your Daddy to talk to my Sir?
    He needs a mentor and your Daddy sounds like a great guy for Sir to talk to.

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