Patience babygirl


In our lifestyle , the meme above is the whole point of learning patience. It’s a test you want to learn quickly, but accurately, master it.  Since you don’t want to keep doing it over and over. With my Daddy, I actually get tested on this frequently,   just so He knows that I know how to wait properly. If you think about it, this is actually a skill most regular people cannot master., but should. Their is a lot less anger when you learn patience. I think the longest He has put me in training for patience was a week. I knew exactly what He was doing, and it was an honor to show Him I knew patience.

He let me know afterward, it was to see if I knew ‘how’ to wait patiently,  and also to show Him if I wasn’t  constantly getting my way ,would I walk away, or get in line. He was pleased with me. How do I know? Because I’m still here. I’m still in His life, He has not dismissed me. Am I perfect,  lol, far from it. But that gives Him notice of great potential to be trained how He wants me to be.

My brattiness was how those before Him, let me behave. So, He understood that they were not true doms, or I would have been required to be better behaved. Even this new crop of dominants is a little unstable. They say they are dominant , they try to be in charge, but do not know how to get that respect from a submissive. It must be done properly. They want to collar to soon. They want sex with everyone but compliance from submissive.  They want everything from the submissive and do not understand how it went wrong.
Submissives need a real Dom.  He will have a commanding presence,  but not overstep His boundary with you until that submission is earned. He will not use you in any way ( beg for sex or naughty pics) because He has respect for you. You are to be treasured , adored by Him. He’s checking to see if you can be taught to His liking. Once you have vetted for agreed amount of time, if He chooses you, that’s it. There was no demanding His way. There was no fight to take Her submission,  she gave it willingly. She is now His. For you doms who think we cannot tell the difference,  we can. We do not take you seriously, as we see you for who you really are, fake. Same goes for submissives, if you think a real Dom will be fooled by your antics and behaviour, He will not, you will be gone.

My Daddy and i are mongamous. That is true patience on both sides. A lot of trust as well, but we only have others when we are part of a threesome. This has been the agreement Master and I  set up. I fully agree with this, keeps us having fun!

Patience is a virtue. Well biblically speaking it is, but then when you are at the alter of your Master and you are choosing to worship there, you will use patience as well. If you think you will be in position waiting for Him to come home, He enters, only to have you ravage Him and take Him. No.  True submission is all about the dominant. They will make you wait in position, til released by Him. They will set the speed,  sex to their liking, you will only do one thing, please that dominant. If you dont, discipline will come swiftly.

Patience, when you text Him, call Him. He knows who you are, where you are. Now you job is to not get side tracked, call your friends, talk bad behind His back because that man made ME wait, uh huh, no He didnt. In our lifestyle,  oh yes He did! You will learn that when He is available,  then He will speak. Wait nicely, do chores, your work, whatever He has you doing (tasks) and it will go by better for you. What if He sees you not getting better in this area, oh mama. You are going to be NOT hearing from Him a lot. You will need to trust His judgment.  Patience,  is how well you wait,  so be a good lil girl for Him. Praise is a lot nicer, than punishment.  Trust me on this.

Either way,  to be in this lifestyle, you will be taught His way. You will learn how He wants to be served. You are more to Him than some thing,  He puts you above all other women, only when it’s time. So learn patience,  learn to yield to Him. Show Him you trust Him, in every way. Either He is the man you love, or He’s not, better  to know now and not waste anyone’s time.

This one is the hardest to learn, I mean it when I say good luck. I do wish all submissives well in their endeavor to conquer patience. If you need any help, mssg me. I am not new, and this one is very hard on new or seasoned submissives.

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