How much fun can a Daddy Dom be, if a Daddy Dom did have fun!

Daddy Doms are not all work and no play.  My Daddy knows how to start the fun. He is also everything to me, such as:

He plays games with me. He even makes some up!
He talks to me.
He listens to me.
He helps me when I need advice, or just need to know my path.
He reminds me that He’s proud of me.
He calls me the sweetest names!
He pushes me out of my comfort zone.
He wants the best for me.
He guides me.
He puts me on task when I’m not ok.
He helps me find my way when I’m lost.
He let’s me shop.
He let’s me have my way ,occasionally.
He gives me His time.
He takes me on dates.
He cares so much for me.
He loves me.
He gave me my first ever pearl necklace. Actual pearls!
He calls,texts me to let me know I’m on His mind.
He adores me.
He’s as kinky as I am.
He loves sex as much as I do !
He’s very protective of me.
He wont take my brattiness.
He will discipline me.
He loves to smack my ass, His ass…
He treats me like a princess.
He makes me write!
He gave me rules, structure.
He makes me feel on top of the world.
He spoils me.
He’s monogamous with me.
He trusts me.
He cherishes our time together.
He tries to see me as much as He can.
He let’s me have time with my friends.
He keeps me safe.
He gave me a curfew.
He treats my kids so well.
He is my Dom,Daddy,Master, and King.
He helps me when I struggle.
He calms me down.
He gets me through emotional times.
He helps me face my fears.
He makes me do things I don’t want to do.
He’s a romantic person at heart.
He supports me in decisions I make.
He encourages me.
He helps me do my best.
He keeps momentos of our dates.
He let’s me know how He feels about me.
He has many things in common with me.
He found me!
He wants me in His life.
He shares Himself with me.
He is the sweetest man ever.
He wants long term with me.
He finds my weak spots and helps to change them.
He is pushing me into a new phase.
He puts me above all others!
He is the sexiest man alive.
He has the best smile.
He requests cute outfits to admire my body.
He has these deep soulful eyes.
He is a great Dominant.
He knows how to control me.
He knows He owns me .
He knows He has my submission.
He knows I trust Him.
He knows I care about Him.
He knows I miss Him when He can’t be with me.but I will be patient.
He has my heart.
He knows I will send Him meme’s that I like.
He knows I will bring Him something to eat when He’s at work. Cuz I love Him.
He teaches me new things.
He seems to know exactly what I need,  before I say it.
He rules the relationship,  love that.
He knows I will kneel before Him.
He knows I need Him. I tell Him.
He shows me how a real man treats His woman.
He shows me love, when I treat Him with honor.
He’s my protector.
He’s my rock..
He’s my everything . Who knew He would be, that first meeting did it all. I was hooked! Now I get to spend my life serving the man I deeply love♡  my life is good, and lots of fun with my Daddy!


3 thoughts on “How much fun can a Daddy Dom be, if a Daddy Dom did have fun!

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    I love this …

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