He loves me…He loves me not


Trust the process. Yes, I know it sounds like I’m accusing Daddy of not loving me all the time, but just pay attention. I know my Daddy loves me, but there was a time when I wasn’t so sure.

Daddy knows me well, but I also have to be honest with Daddy, at all times. About how I am doing, my physical body, and my mental health. With the holidays upon us, I’m struggling, and tonight was a full on meltdown. Daddy handled me with kid gloves. Which I so desperately needed. 

Daddy knows that around the holidays I miss my deceased son. I, of course, miss my Daddy,because He’s out of town ,but only a text away. And now I feel I’m losing my grandson, the other love of my life! My grandson, ‘cookie face’ will be moving 4 hours away. It could be a 1000 miles for all I care, it would still feel the same right now. My heart hurts,  I keep crying, I love spending time with my cookie face.

My Daddy loves me enough to know that I need something to fill my time, so Him putting me on task is a good idea. It keeps my mind on pleasing Daddy. Doing what He requires me to do. Daddy knows I will put Him first, plus this shows His love for me. If Daddy had left me to deal with things on my own, well I would wonder if He loved me at all. Since I know my Daddy well, I know I can come to Him with anything.  He will help me deal with anything I present to Him. He will discuss it with me, ask questions. He expects me to answer any and all questions He presents to me. This way Daddy can tell how I’m processing things. Also He will know exactly how I’m doing. If He didn’t do this I would wonder if He loved me or not.

Since Daddy is the one I serve, it is an honor that He loves and cares about me so much, to put me on task so I may please Him. So I may put things into perspective and process. But not have to much free time , or I start to feel sorry for myself again. 

In this lifestyle,  we hope we find someone who truly loves us. I have that with my Daddy, He found me. I am so glad He did. But when we were first together,  our relationship was to new , so trusting Him then was near impossible.  I wasn’t sure if He loved me. It had to grow little by little. Now my Daddy has my full trust. Plus I know my Daddy loves me!  I had my moments before, wondering if He loved me, or loved me not.

Now as I wait patiently for my Daddy to give me the task He will set before me, so as I may please Him. I love my Daddy, I will do my best to please Daddy, as I know His love for me. I know why Daddy is putting me on task, I really do respect Him for that. Thank you for loving me so much Daddy♡


Oh yes , Daddy does love me!  And I love Daddy!

2 thoughts on “He loves me…He loves me not

  1. Selina says:

    You both are so blessed to have found each other, congrats!!!

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