I really miss my Daddy

He’s been gone since thursday. I have had the worst weekend. I’m not usually one for complaining, ok not a lot of complaining.  But I need my Daddy so much. My friends /family are just not the same.

When Daddy holds me I melt into Him. I can feel Him through my body. His scent is just intoxicating.  The feel of Him all around me. His kiss, His embrace, His touch. I crave it all. His soothing voice, His soft blue eyes. His smile. I can hardly wait to be held by Him again.

Only right now He’s not a happy Daddy. I don’t blame Him at all. In fact I have more respect for Him. He shows great restraint even when He’s angry with me. I don’t try to make Him angry, sometimes that fine line becomes a blur, and I don’t even pay attention that I have crossed it. That is, until it’s to late. Then He’s mad and I’m stopped dead in my tracks , trying to figure out when I actually derailed. It’s very humbling that I have such a great Daddy, that He cares enough about me to not let me get away with being bratty and disrespectful.  Sorry Daddy, I never meant to tick you off. I know I worked hard on getting His tasks done. So you will be pleased again. He never sets me up for failure.

Once Daddy is back, I know what will happen. I will be paying for every ounce of anger that I gave Him. I deserve to be in trouble. I didn’t think about my actions first. I didn’t put Daddy first in my thoughts, like I know to do. I didn’t stay focused on pleasing my Master in thought and deed. I’m so lucky that He corrects me with such great care and love. I’m sure I will be bruised and sore, but  I will gladly take that, it’s knowing I let Him down that makes my heart sad. The fact that He should have been relaxed having a nice time while away, not having to correct His slave. This makes me so upset with myself.

Sorry Daddy, I will do better, so you are proud of me again Sir. I love you Daddy♡

2 thoughts on “I really miss my Daddy

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    patience and time my lovely…

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