That’s how He has me, breathless. Even before the moment He arrives and takes Control, I am breathless. When He looks upon what is His before Him, and He takes the lead and I am powerless, that keeps me breathless. This strong connection as you check my body to see its as you wish, to see that I’m wet. I’m so wet for you Sir. My body,mind,soul missed you while you were away.

As I patiently waited for your return, I kept my thoughts on you, which made me breathless. The very thought of you, yes I’m breathless. Your control over me, leaves me breathless. I never know how this happened, but I’m so glad it did.

As you have Mastered the art of me, I am breathless. I adore being at your feet, waiting for you to take me,use me. I’m all yours, this feels like heaven with you inside me. You have me levitating when you have me in your hold. I feel so breathless.

When you fuck your slave, as you did tonight, I am wanting more , even as many times as I was breathless under your care. My soul mixes with yours and my body feels numb. My mind stays on how shall I please Master, and every time you kept me cumming,  I was greeted with “good girl”. 

I adore you Master.  I don’t know how to show you, except  remind you I’m right where I want to be. I can see me being by your side for a long time, test that if you must, I will be standing by your side. I have no where I need to be, except belong to you. I am proud to be yours Master. How you brought out my slave side, I will never know. I thought it was gone. But you resurrected this life inside me. There are no words to tell how I feel, I must show you. If it takes til my very last breath, them so be it.

I finally shared this dark secret with you, as hard as it has been to hold it back. But If I had my last breath right now, in that breathless moment, what you will hear is:

” I’m Yours, all Yours. Forever and ever, You own me:  heart, mind,body and soul. You always leave me breathless.

It’s always more than just sex, in the last few weeks of missing you, tears well up in my eyes as I longed for your touch, to hear your heart beat, to feel your skin on mine, to hear your words, feel that deep connection with you. Still there are not enough words to show you what I mean Sir.  I’m just going to have to show you, starting now and for the rest of my life. If you can even catch a small glimpse of your utmost importance  to me. I.   Love.    You.  Master ♡

Now, in this moment, breathless, and longing for you again.


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