About last night

I could hear Daddy come through the door, I wait in slave position, dressed for His approval,  with lease in hand ,presenting it to Him so He may take lead of what is His. He goes through the room as I hold my position ,til He gives a command. The longer I hear Him in the room, the anticipation  builds between my legs, my clit is throbbing for His touch. I don’t know what plans He has for me, I just know He has a mind for sex and all things dirty, I’m always completely  satified.

As He takes leash in hand,  and I feel that pull ,my body is wet to do as He wants. He pulls me into position He likes, then locks me to my bed, as He  tells me;
“Spread your legs babygirl”. I follow His command.

As I spread my legs for Him, His hand quickly goes between my legs so He can feel how wet I am for Him. It’s all I can do to just stand there and not want to fuck Him hard, but I know my place.  I will wait patiently . Fuck , I love my Daddy! Nothing hotter than my Daddy, who can read my body.

He turns my body to face Him, then He pushes me onto the bed, I have to catch my breath quickly, before I know He is pulling me to the edge of the bed, grabbing my legs, pulling them up so He has access to each hole that belongs to Him. Then before I know it my legs are open, He’s inside, and my pussy is getting banged so hard, ‘oh fuck yeah!’
My Daddy knows how to please! But then my legs are opened further, He puts the wand on my clit. My body is writhing in the sensation that is going through me, from head to toe. I feel tingly, and so wet. My moans are louder than usual, I cannot stop them, or hold them back.

As He keeps pounding me, and I feel like I can’t breathe real well. He takes the toy off my clit, let’s me catch my breath. But He’s not done with me. My hands are bound, I cannot get away. Daddy lowers himself onto me, and keeps me cumming harder, over and over. My head is feeling tingly and light, I can’t think. As Daddy grabs His new toy again,  I hear it go on, but before I can think the word ‘No’ comes out of my mouth.
“Excuse me, what did you just say babygirl ?”Daddys says sternly.
“But Daddy” all I can get out, before He puts the wand back on my clit. My body is trying to get it off as it pushes me over the edge so fast, I start cumming again, over and over. My body just keeps moving, Daddy minimizes that, as He doesn’t like me moving around when He fucks me hard. I have no choice,but to stay in position. But Daddy has no idea that my body won’t stop cumming , that part scared me alittle, would it ever stop? Or just keep going a long time? I didn’t know. I have never had that reaction with a wand before. Although I doubt it was the wand, I sure it’s ghe man, behind the wand. Teasing my body for His pleasure.

As Daddy keeps putting the wand on my clit while He is driving my body crazy, I can hardly think. I just need to fuck Him with everything  in me, I’m tingly, I’m wet, I am so damn horny. How does He do that!

As He turns the toy off, so thankful for that, and He unlocks me from my restraints, He lays down on the bed beside me. My body is still having effects of cumming so hard. There are still orgasms coming through. He just holds me. He loves me! He is so good at giving me exactly  what need. I can only hope I make Him as happy as He makes me. I do love my Daddy.

Thank you Daddy, for reading my body, giving me what I needed. You are an amazing man♡


13 thoughts on “About last night

  1. Uuuummmm about last night…Is this everynight? Good night!!! Cumming over and over and over!?!?! Sleeping well is not the word, he almost out you in a coma lol…I’m sold, your blog is hot😏

  2. stacieinaz says:

    But the babygirl in me, I act younger than my teen daughter, lol

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