Babygirl /slave training 101. Pt2

I know I want this dynamic. Now that I have found the man who is my Daddy/my Master. It just feels like it has fallen into place.

I know who I am as a person, as a mother, a friend, a girlfriend. I know how to take care of my home, I can build an actual home, I have been a party planner, a photographer.  But as His slave/babygirl  I find this freedom, a happiness that mere words cannot describe. My kids and friends say they have seen true love when they see Master and I together. I like hearing that, but the fact that I feel it is just everything to me.

I want to be His fully,  in any capacity  that will make Him happy.  I want to show the world that He is a great Master, that will happen by my example I show to the world. I will seek only His approval. I will never be perfect, but He will get my best. In my giving up all control to Him, I will find the true freedom I desire. I need to focus on Him alone. Never question myself of why I chose this path. No second guessing.  I know I was born to serve. I feel I have my true Master , whom I look forward to long term with, as He trains me. I feel excited as we have already entered a new phase, I want more with Him, as He directs our path.

I never want to go back to where I was, or to whom I was. I want Master to push me, I want His change for me. Please Master show me who I really am. I want to grow more each day. Give more of myself. I want Masters training. I wish to feel centered.

I am wanting to know where we will wind up. I am a libra, we don’t like surprises. I can wait to see the direction Master takes us , but patience isn’t my strong suit. I know I can trust Him. My love for Him gets stronger all the time.
Show me the way Master.

**for K. I might not do Journaling, the one thing you don’t like, try blogging!
I know why He requires for me to write as this is ,in a way, Journaling!
I know why He reads them. He is exposed to my feelings, and psyche , just me the person. See, I told you He was smart!!**

I love you Master♡

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