A glimpse into the real me, 7 months today!

I knew when we met, that you would find my slave side, release her from her prison, deep inside of me. She has waited so long to serve a true Master.

I never let  the slave out anymore, I haven’t for quite sometime.  But I gave you a glimpse into that side, only a true Master would know how to find it, and how to get thru. I saw you searching diligently. You knew what you wanted, you didn’t stop til the slave was found, and then you brought her out. 

That’s the scary part for me, that the slave has been hurt so many times, so to lock her away,  and wait for a true Master who could be patient and know how to get to that slave side within me. It was worth the wait.

I am not surprised that you were so patient,  I knew the moment you had a glimpse into me, that you seemed hungry, ravenous to pull out that slave side, and bare my soul and my slave heart.  Just don’t let that slave side get hurt, to many had wanted that too, but they don’t respect it, treasure it. But I saw something in you the moment we met. You were going to reach deep down, give the slave an enticing reason to come out. Then you would expect her to stay for you.

The slave is here, Master. Ready and willing to serve you Sir, only you. For no other could make her feel so safe, so exposed, but protected.

Thank you Master, it is an honor and a privilege to be able to celebrate 7 months with you today.  I know it won’t seem like a big thing , but to me it is. I’m excited to feel like the real me again. I’m happy to have my slave heart back. I love you so much Sir♡. Thank you for taking the time. I knew you saw that part of me! And would know how to reach it. If this makes you unhappy momentarily with me, then I would gladly take any punishment you see fit to give me, for making you work so hard. This was not a game to me, but I did hide this for so long,  I forgot how to bring her out. I really am not a brat, it was more of a defense mechanism. 

Only now the walls are gone, the brat is trembling, as  I stand before you. It feels brand new to me, to be able to stand here and show you the real me. Like we have only just gotten started.

I love you Daddy! Thank you , i knew you were the one. I am so excited and happy to see where we will go together, and to be able to be the real me!! You have given me quite a gift. Only I feel so unworthy at times, teach my slave side how to serve you properly, that is my hearts desire Master.

Thank you Sir, I love you Master, it has been such a wonderful 7 months.


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