Training in the arena, are you ready …


I have heard it said by many subs/slaves that training is so hard for them. The tasks, the quiet times, how hard you are pushed. It’s like any other training to me, long hours/demanding mentally/physically/emotionally/spiritually. How many times you want to give up, but you must have your eye on the bdsm prize. Remind yourself why we are even put through training. You wanted this lifestyle,  this is how it goes. If you can’t handle the heat, go back to vanilla. You won’t know when His training ends, til He is done. But that part is none of your business anyway, stay focused. Keep your eyes on Him.  Make sure He’s a  happy Daddy/Master/Dom. Trust the process.

It’s a fact , that in bdsm the average relationship fails around 7 months or so. Why? because subs/slaves will accept training without thinking of the long term commitment to it. It’s more then giving submission or control over to a dominant. It’s actual hard work. I won’t feel sorry for you, nor for myself. Anything worth having, is hard work. To learn full servitude, it won’t be easy. With all things any dominant can throw at you, at a moments notice. Well, it’s down right hard work. Are you cut out for it? He thought so, but the choice is ultimately yours. He’s not setting you up for failure, but your loyalty will be put to the test many times. Once He has an idea of who you are,  how strong you are. Well, let the relationship begin, training not far behind. You lucky girl! There is where the non-fun begins. There will be days you just feel done, you can’t give more, you will want out. You might even want to tell Him off, or you do. Be careful what you ask for, and how you behave, you will be learning your place.

Keep in mind, it’s not just your relationship,  and you aren’t the dominant. The training commences. You are in the arena, you must do all that is asked of you, or perish. If only you could see how much He loves you, cares for you, the importance of your training, as each sub/slave are different,  so no training is alike. He’s looking at your weakness, your strengths, your attitude. He will either be cheering you on in some areas, or letting you know what He sees and what will need work. This is where you listen, don’t criticize,  or complain about Him, or to Him. Don’t be foolish and think it will all go your way. If that is your thought maybe you aren’t cut out for this lifestyle,  or you are not a sub/slave.

I have heard subs recently, they talk about being disrespected. It’s not that, it’s training. With all the attitude that we throw at them, they have more than earned down time. I hear subs say ‘that
don’t work for me’. Really? Remember your place. Remember who you are talking to.

Here’s the line of respect you just crossed.  Pay attention .
Dominants plan discipline, they are your mentor, friend, lover, person you can trust with any and everything.  They set up dates for time with you. Talk time so they know how you are doing, hear it, and keep communication open. Have you yet stopped to see it from the dominant point of view? Probably not.
Let’s keep going…How about His needs,  thought about those yet? No. All the whining , complaining,  and criticizing trying to get your own way that  you do, have you given thought to whom you are doing that to? Your dominant.  Have you ever given thought to how long He studied so He may do this long term?
How long He looked for a His own sub/slave,  and picked you. Hoping you would be the one. A dominant even knows how to stay strong in the face of your doubts and criticism. They deal with setbacks in real life, scenes,  the relationship.  How many hours goes into creating a fun time for you both, so you feel special.  This is like another job, but it does have its perks. Are you worthy though?

Then with training,  they watch your progress. If it’s great He’s proud of you, if not so great He’s still proud, but now He must come up with ways to work on your strengths and weaknesses.  That requires more time and patience,  a true Master will give His all to you, for He finds you worthy. Still feeling under appreciated?

This is reality,He’s not playing with you. He genuinely cares about you, more than just sex. He knows when to give tough love, and when to hold back. He will give you tasks, plan for you to become stronger in all areas. He’s cheering you on, He believes in you. Have you shown Him the same courtesy? 

Learn to take His criticism, ask yourself what you can learn from it. He gets it from the world, and you. Yet He still has confidence to face Himself. He shows that to you. He will delight in you doing a job well done for Him. Even things He may not have asked for. He’s not a doormat either. Learn respect and loyalty, remember who you are speaking to, who is training you. That is your dominant. If you can’t appreciate Him or His time, move aside someone will.

Show Him the highest respect at all times. Follow the rules He has given to you, or any commands. For their is no higher honor than His praise. To Him there’s nothing better than your respect, obedience,  loyalty, and servitude.

Now who has it tougher? I do think it is the trainer, the dominant . Keep in mind His life has challenges : a job, kids, your submission,  friends/family.  He will take it all on,  for you!  Is it sinking in yet? Be grateful, thank Him often. Let Him know how proud you are of Him. For He has strength to carry the mountain. He’s not asking you to, He only wants your heart, love, care, honor Him, respect Him, stay loyal.

I find it my ultimate pleasure to be able to serve my Master, even in the smallest capacity. To show Him that love, He shows me. I do find it my highest honor that I gave Him my submission  and control over me. The Master I write about is my own. I have had my moments of forgetting my place, complaining,  being a brat. None of which He deserved. I am granted His forgiveness when I have forgotten my place. Thank you Master. I love you so much♡

Soon you will be completely broken, training will be a distant memory. You will be His treasure set apart from the world,  serving Him to the fullest capacity. In a real relationship,  just stay focused and humble. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Training in the arena, are you ready …

  1. slave tasha says:

    This TR quote has been a mantra throughout my life and applies very well to relationships that thrive with cultivation. I applaud your observations and agree that taking the premise of the quote to heart will serve both submissives and Dominants well in their journeys. When things, especially training, get tough, we need to visualize the reward to overcome the challenge. 💜

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