For those of you who know what I’m talking about, once Daddy is done fucking me. All I smell on my skin is Him. It’s like He’s still nearby, still close to me. All I need to do is close my eyes, and just take a deep breath, ohhhh Daddy♡

Let’s go back a bit, Daddy makes a request,  I am to have my collar and leash ready, dress -no bra, no panties. Make sure restraints are ready for use.
I dress up for Daddy, never miss anything, His pleasure is all I seek. My Daddy works hard,  I want Him to be pleased , and have fun. I am in the position He commands me to be. Anything for Daddy! Once He enters the room My heart beats faster, my skin feels alive, my lips get moist, I’m wet, all I want is my Daddy! He starts with smacking my ass, I jump. I didn’t expect that at all. My body hot for Him, as He puts my restraints on and ties them together. I’m now at Daddys mercy, He can do whatever He wants, I’m all His, and a bit tied up at the moment. He starts to spank my ass, omg. That hurts but makes me wet at the same time. Once I feel Him shift my body, I know He’s up to something. Now He goes deep inside me and He’s Pounding that pussy! He has toys headed for my body, I can hear them the moment He pushes the button. There’s no where to go, He’s going to have me cumming over and over again,  oh fuck. My body starts to quiver and shake, I can tell He loves that since He’s got this mean chuckle . I know I’m not safe from what He’s about to put my body through.

He sets the Hitachi between my legs, He’s got me in position. No matter how I move, that thing hits my clit, I’m moaning so loud, I know I can’t cum without permission. I’m trying to stop it.
As I moan louder, He walks to the other side of the bed, pulls out His cock, shoves it down my throat, that does quiet my moans a little, and damn I love His cock in my mouth. He takes His time before He walks around to the other side of the bed so He has access to the rest of body, He’s going into my pussy again, ohhhh Daddy!!!! I love that too! He asks; ” would you like to taste yourself on Daddys cock?” , I’m shaking my head ‘yes’, never say no to Daddy, but then in reality I like that anyway,  it’s hot.

While I keep waiting to cum, He pushes His way into my ass,  and violates my body. It feels so good, I can’t hold back any longer .I ask permission to come. Daddy asks ” have  you been a good girl, do you deserve it?” I shake my head ‘no’. I know I was a naughty girl. So now I know He’s not letting me cum til He’s ready. We continue playing,I’m moaning even harder, louder.

He’s now pounding my ass so hard, still has the Hitachi on my clit, I need to cum since I can hardly hold it back. I ask for permission to cum,  this time He finally let’s me. I cum so damn hard I release tears. I have no idea why ,or how. I have never cum that hard before. He unhooks my restraints and has me turn over, now we are face to face. I do love watching Him at work on my body. He loves what He’s doing, and you can tell . By the look in His eyes , all that lust, He’s not even close to being done. He’s hooks my restraints back together, and pulls my legs up. Now He’s got full access to my ass, so He can further violate it. He is right back in, pounding it hard. I ask to cum again. He allows it. I can’t stop, I have no idea what that damn Hitachi does to me, but it gets me going on another level. I don’t recall ever experiencing that kind of intensity before. It’s like a train going down the tracks, I start cumming, then more, and more. It’s building in my body, at some point I can’t ask to cum anymore, it won’t stop,the orgasms just keep coming. My thoughts are, “what if it doesn’t stop?”  After using the Hitachi twice with Him now, this happened both times. I can hardly breathe,  but my body is producing so many orgasms I can’t control them any longer. As He keeps pounding into me ,I can tell He’s feeling it too. It’s several orgasms in a row, my body calms itself for mere seconds, and here’s another wave. I can see His face ,He’s proud that I’m cumming all over the place. It makes it more intense as He pounds me, His huge cock hitting my g spot and my cervix doesn’t help any, in fact it helps keep it coming. I can see When His face changes, now He’s cumming right along with me! His are just as intense as mine. His keep coming, mine keep coming. It’s like we are both sharing this one big orgasm, we are both breathing faster. Our bodies keep cumming, after shocks run through both of us. I’m not sure about Him, but my eyes go closed, I’m enjoying this intense inferno between us. It’s finally calming down. We both open our eyes, catch our breath. We gaze at each other, and hold it there. I smile and ask Him;
“What the fuck was that?”  He smiles back, and says; “I don’t know”, and smiled. All I can say is ; “Wow”.

I have never had an experience like that ,with anyone before. I will say it again, ” Damn, I love this man”. It’s always more than just sex. That’s a connection I’ve never experienced with anyone.  Once we are done , cleaned up. He pulls me in close so my body can calm down, I love feeling His skin on mine, He doesn’t have to say a thing, He just holds me. It’s all I need, to feel close to Him ,after just being His fuck toy. He let’s me hold Him, kiss Him. He will ask how I’m doing, even ask if I have anything to talk about. My only thought at that moment is;
“You just fucked me so hard, I don’t even know my name”. No, I can’t think of much to talk about. Just enjoying Him being close,holding me. He sits up, checks His phone. He has to head back to work. Before He goes, I give Him some down time. Why should aftercare be just for the submissive? I know what He likes, but if He’s heading back to work a full body massage won’t be good, He falls asleep. I do the next best thing to ensure He’s relaxd, run my nails all over His back. I can feel His whole body likes that.  I even rub His shoulders, my Daddy works so hard ech day. He needs to be spoiled to! 

I really am the luckiest girl in the world. I have the best Daddy ever.


2 thoughts on “Intoxicating

  1. Chanse Lowell says:

    So haply for you, hon. You guys are amazi g together.

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