Feels like home

Yesterday I saw my Daddy, I hadn’t seen Him in about a week. We get busy, things going on in our lives, with kids It just happens. We do try to communicate  as much as possible.  Months ago I had been waiting for Him to hurt at some point, it never happened.  I could finally relax. I wonder to myself, ‘Have I finally found someone who is as tired as I am ,of being hurt while you give them everything in you’.
I do believe I have.

When Daddy walked through my door last night, I fell into His arms, When He kissed me, When I looked into His eyes,When He smiled at me,  As He held me, Even as we talked, it just felt like home.

Every man I dated since being separated/divorced just pales in comparison, the way this man treats me, how much He shows me love, I feel like the happiest woman alive. I had to wait a long time for this man, but He is so worth the wait. I can honestly say my favorite  months of us being together have been the last few. I feel more relaxed and like myself.  When He has a bad day, I want to do anything to change that for Him. I want to show Him love, not just say the words. When He’s hungry, I feel the need to take care of Him. I can’t tell which part of me cares more for Him, my vanilla side, or my slave/babygirl side. And yes we all have a vanilla side, don’t pretend you haven’t that side, we all do.

The happiness is indescribable, there are a million words in the dictionary and none of them are good enough to explain how I feel about Him. This is the part where tears want to flow,  but I hold them back. They are happy tears! No one has ever cared for me so much, Daddy has definitely ruined me for all other men,so that means He’s stuck with me!!  I hope He likes being stuck with me!  I only want Him in my life. No one has ever made me feel the way He does.

Thank you Daddy, you have made me the happiest woman, ever. I love you so much Daddy♡




2 thoughts on “Feels like home

  1. roxey says:

    “I can’t tell which part of me cares more for Him, my vanilla side, or my slave/babygirl side.”
    I don’t think it matters…it all comes from the same place inside of us. ❤ Wonderful piece of writing..thank you for sharing your happiness. 🙂

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