He surprised me!

Yes, my Daddy works hard. Some days very long hours. But whoever complained about a hard working man? not me.

Once Daddy was off work, I knew He would be tired. I wanted my Daddy,  but I also don’t want to be selfish. I asked Him to stay home and rest, I would just see Him another day. I tried to call, I figured He saw my text and probably went to take a shower and go to bed. Much to my surprise,  there was a knock on my door and you will never guess who it was… my wonderful Daddy!!

He looked so tired, and beat from His day. As much as I wanted to hug Him and feel Him up against my body, I could tell it was cold outside, and He just got off His bike. So, warming Daddy up was a priority,  and feeding Him. Anyone who works that hard for His family deserves to be treated like a king.  About the only thing I can say, I was worried about my ass, I knew He was just aching to beat it. I have some moments that just make Him so mad, remember He has a list. For Christmas,  if He checked it twice! I won’t be getting anything but more ass beatings, but hoping for something tangible anyway.

I did make the mistake of giving Him one of His xmas gifts early. Why on earth did I do that? I am a smart woman , but I honestly have these stupid moments.  I gave Him a paddle early, He’s been wanting one. How did I forget that the paddle will be used on me. See, not so smart…

So, once Daddy is warmed up, fed, has talked to my children who all feel they must greet Him. I’m glad they do, but my time with Daddy is limited cuz He’s so busy, that part of me wants to just order them to go away, but I dont. I’m glad they like Daddy, Daddy likes them. I know Daddy plans on being around for a long time! Fine by me!

We head to my bedroom, we have been talking, laughing,  just being very vanilla. When Daddy flips the bdsm switch. He’s in full Daddy/Master mode. Damn, I’m in trouble. The man who was just cold, hungry, and yawning is looking fresh and alive, and ready to get at my ass. Fuck. My first thought is to be as sweet as possible, or maybe the kids want to talk to Him some more! But reality is, no one is going to save me from Daddy. It’s just me and Him. And by the look in His eyes, I don’t have long. So if I believe in prayer, I might want to start that now.

He comes up behind me, starts to undo my shorts, they fall to the ground, then He’s tugging at my panties, they fall to the ground. He put my pink bag on the bed, it holds restraints,  and orders me to put them on NOW. I do as I’m told. I know what’s coming, I don’t need more. Daddy is not usually in a forgiving mood when He’s focused like this. So, don’t push, don’t complain, don’t piss Him off further. He wants me collared, on a leash when I’m in His presence, similar to this.


He starts by fucking me, sliding His huge cock in and out of me. Oh god, that feels good. I fucking love sex with my Daddy, He feels so good inside. I can’t help but realize He still has that look in His eyes, but who cares, Daddy is fucking His babygirl! Oh yes! I need to cum and cum hard. I haven’t felt Him inside me for a week. I want as much time with Him that He will give me. I love this man, my Daddy. Oh fuck yeah. That is so good. No one has ever satisfied me, or fucked me like He does. I am so glad He plans on sticking around, I want so much more of Daddy. Sex is good, but this relationship is great, it makes the sex that more amazing.

He stops. NOoooo. Is what I want to say, but not to Him. He is putting me on the bed,where He wants me. He hooks up my wrist restraints to the rings on my bed. Yes I can be locked to my bed. But He doesn’t stop there, He grabs each ankle and ties them with a scarf to each ring on the sides of my foot board. I’m as open for business as I can get. I didn’t fight Him, cuz you never fight Daddy. That would just piss Him off.


Something similar to this.

He tells me I have 30 seconds to fight Him, try to get out of my restraints. If I can’t I’m all His, and I will endure all that He does to His body. I’m fighting, but I’m not getting anywhere, how am I going to get out of these restraints.  I can see Him smile, and then He finally says,
” Come on babygirl,  fight me.” He has this evil grin on His face. This is not going to go good. Fuck, I’m stuck to my bed, I might as well just give up… 28…29…30.  ‘ you’re mine’ is all I hear now. I can hardly breathe. Something bad is coming. He’s humming,  never a good sign, He looks at me and asks where the toys are. I point.  He just smiles. Oh dear god, He’s got that Hitachi. I hate that thing. He’s got His new paddle as well. I can only close my eyes. For I can tell what’s about to happen. I am going to wish I was the hulk and could actually rip the restraints off the bed. I am trying to move my legs to close them, He forces them open. I can hear that wand turn on. I’m trying my hardest to move out of the way of its path, but that’s not working. It’s on my clit, my body is ready to cum within minutes. Nooooo, is all I want to scream. I Forget to ask Daddy if I can cum, the moment that thing is on my body my mind goes blank.

Daddy pulls that wand off my clit. I’m still cumming over and over again. He’s calming me down before He’s ready to do it again, making sure I’m able to breathe. The moment Daddy is ready, here we go again, I can tell Daddy is happy, as He keeps saying;
” yes, that’s my babygirl. Good girl”.
My body is cumming again, harder than before. Again, He pulls it off my clit. This time He’s up and pulling my head to His cock , I open my mouth and recieve what Daddy is giving to me. The wand goes back on my clit, I’m not able to think when that fucker is on my body. Daddy starts asking me questions,  I can hardly concentrate on the words He’s saying. He wants answers and wants them now, Daddy is not a patient man when He’s mad. I am trying my hardest to answer His questions, til He stops that toy, and He’s really mad that I forgot to ask to cum. He doesn’t want to hear any excuses, but it is hard to ask to cum with that damn wand on my clit. I’m guilty, I know it, I do apologize to Daddy. He doesn’t want to hear it.

He forces my legs open again, this time I get to pick what happens to me. Either I get 10 smacks on my ass with His new paddle, or 5 more times of the wand on my clit. Choose wisely. As Daddy let’s me know He’s in charge of this game,  and He can change the rules at anytime. I choose 5 more times of the wand. Only Daddy will not be letting me cum til He says. As Daddy starts to count the last 5 times,  my body is hurting from cumming so hard, and tightening up.  I do start to feel tears in my eyes again, like last time. Wtf is that about? Daddy can tell my body is wearing out. He takes my ankle restraints off, let’s me calm down. Daddy tells me I have 1 more time, tell Him when I’m ready. He has some rules if this is to be the last time. ‘I have to keep my legs open, if I move around and Daddy doesn’t get access it won’t go good, if He’s not happy I will get more and the paddle.
He gives me a moment to think, which I needed. I let Daddy know when I’m ready, I feel like I can handle that stupid Hitachi one more time. I get thru it without pissing off Daddy! I think it’s done, but He let’s me know that is not correct. He undoes my restraints,  moves me to the middle of the bed, tells me turn over. My ass is about to get the paddle.

Daddy starts to smack my ass, the sting is more than I can handle. Tears are in my eyes immediately,  and I start to cry, I really am sorry for pissing Daddy off. I rather have good attention from Daddy, not be His bad girl.

Once He’s done, we both fall on the bed and we are tired. It’s like 1:30 am, Daddy has to be up early for work. He holds me close, makes sure I’m ok. He knows I have things on my mind, but I’m still processing.  Sleeping next to Daddy, one of my favorite things. Waking up next to Daddy is a highlight to my morning. The things that Daddy said to me while He was punishing me, we’re just what I needed to hear. While it was hard to pay attn to Him ,while my mind was feeling tingly from the wand, I was working hard at listening to Him. Daddy always seems to know exactly what I need at the very moment I need it. Thank you Daddy,  you take great care of me.



I love you so much Daddy♡  Sorry Daddy for misbehaving.  Can’t wait to spend some more time with you Daddy!


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