Before Christmas boredom

Ok, so I’m bored. I should never tell it to Daddy. He wanted me to make him something. Since Daddy wasn’t specific I guess I could have made Him cookies, a colorful page from an adult coloring book, a sweater ( lol, I don’t crochet), I could make him a day collar, I have lots of glass beads! Daddy would be so pretty☆

So I decided to make this,


I colored a page in an adult coloring book. The babygirl in me loves to color. I am not liking making stuff. Recently Daddy had me make a blanket, then a game. Where does He get these ideas??

I have had a good time xmas shopping. I got Daddy stuff I think He will like. I even bought these for Daddy to use these on me!!!!


I think they should be more comfy then the old ones, they get painful. So I think the old ones can be used on my ankles. These are cute and pretty. They were pricey too, but I like buying things that Daddy can use on me!

I think the next think I want to get us, for fun, is this…


The friend of mine said Daddy can be at work ,across town, and this toy has an app that will let Daddy control the toy while He’s anywhere, I am not sure about when He’s at home. Now can you imagine it. Daddy at home, we would have to skype! So He uses the remote to play with the toy, I want to get off, but I know it’s only after I ask, He will decide if I can. I know if I take the toy out He’s going to make sure I obey Him and not do that again. Or out to dinner? Just out anywhere? Or at the movies? The possibilities are endless… have to see if Daddy likes the darn toy???

Maybe I won’t push for the toy, I just remembered Daddy is a sadist. Hmm not a good idea.

☆☆I’m happy that xmas is almost here, and done.☆☆


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