Looking at collars

Daddy did give me explicit instructions. That I could go into the adult store near me and while in there look at collars, tell Him what I liked. Since He wasn’t more specific then that I can only assume to look at all collars. And I did.

Such as :
☆Play collars
☆Slave Day collars
☆Permanent collars

The selection wasn’t fantastic. It was way better online. The store had men’s permanent collars in stock. They had a few pet collars, this is a new thing for pet play (I’m not a pet). They had a nice selection of play collars. Some were nice, some were very blingy. The play collars each had a leash that went with them. They were not displayed properly, but then when did this particular store ever do things properly for the bdsm community.  Never. We are actually lucky they stock anything at all.

With online Ebay had a nice selection. Amazon had some too. Etsy was by far the best to see. They had every kind of collar you could want. And even some that could be custom made and I will explain why that would important, it’s all about the kind of collar the dominant is looking for. Yes, you have heard my thoughts on this subject. Since Daddy was vague, and we didn’t discuss anything, I am giving a large selection of collars that Etsy has.

Collars used in bdsm lifestyle :
▪ collar of consideration
▪ collar for protection
▪ training collar
▪ slave day collar
▪ play collar
▪ posture collar
▪ pet collars (new)
▪ permanent (formal) collars

All have their own meaning. I suggest you look them up online to get a good idea, mostly because I don’t want to type it all out.  Lol.  For ones that are custom made, there are Masters who like their initials on certain collars (protection,training,consideration) some of the companies offered a way to put a c sort of charm on the collars that could accommodate that. I have never seen it done on any other collar. I could be wrong, I’ve just never seen it.

☆ I wear a slave day collar now, I have for months. If a dominant asks you to wear one this is fine. It’s to mark His property. It’s not permanent,  but still to be respected.  I can collar/uncollar myself whether with Him or not. More of a symbol while in the relationship.  Not a fashion statement,  but I do have a handful to go with my outfits. He did okay that I could make them. He had to inspect and give the ok, and of course rules for them. When to be worn, that I can uncollar myself. I am very allergic so I cannot wear them all the time, nor has He made me. I have had this kind of collar with past Doms. You never wear a collar, even a slave day collar, that has belonged to a past Dom. The old ones were quickly disposed of. All new ones made for current Dom. You can find directions online on how to make your own. (Ribbon collars, chain collars) just look up slave day collar.

Here are my own slave day collars!!



This one is wear near people who have no idea what a collar is, but I’m still collared for Daddy.



I also have a play collar that is thicker, has pretty bling to it. I am allowed to collar myself (Daddys instructions). But I do NOT uncollar myself in His presence (disrespectful).  I can ask to please have it removed, or Daddy usually does that once play is done. So, as you can tell I have some collars!! I do wear them everyday.

As I said, I have looked at collars, as per His instructions,  but He was vague. I took my time to as there are so many. But with my allergies I need certain kinds for the collar and the lock.

Here are some I like!:







Like this ,but mine would need to say babygirl or kitten.



Well Daddy I hope I showed you a huge variety, of all kinds of collars, since I wasn’t sure what kind I was supposed to be looking at. It took a while to go through them all. Hopefully, you can understand why this took so long Sir.  Thank you for being so patient.


♡♡As you can tell from past writings, collars meaning is everything to me. This is not to be taken lightly. A collar means more to me then if I had a ring on my finger (wedding ring) or a paper from a government entity with our names on it. That is how the world works. I’m not to concerned with that at all. But collaring means a lot to me. Permanent collaring is just that, permanent. Never take it lightly, this is about you and your Dom/Master. Will you have a ceremony with it. Do you even understand why this is a huge deal in our community.  Remember don’t let anyone collar you quickly. Would you accept a wedding/engagement ring that fast? Probably not. Then do the same in the lifestyle,  don’t mock our ways or traditions,  they are very important to us, and sacred. I’m sure if you have questions I will hear from you! Also, you can do searches online for this very info as well. Good luck.


4 thoughts on “Looking at collars

  1. Great choices. They are all so beautiful. Can’t wait to see which one is chosen.

  2. slave tasha says:

    Beautiful! My collar had to be something that wouldn’t be tarnished by my highly acidic skin and was removable only by Master, so W/we went with 316 stainless. Have you seen the designs at The Caged Flower on etsy?

    • stacieinaz says:

      No, I haven’t but thank you for the tip. I will let my Master know. I have a real bad nickel allergy. So I absolutely need sterling silver. Thanks so much for sharing the info.

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