5 days til Christmas


The only thing I want, money can’t buy. I just want time with Him before He leaves to see His son. To look into His eyes, feel Him ,hold Him. How He takes that deep breathe like He’s pulling me into himself. To feel His strength. To be kissed by Him. To see what kind of sexual time , His mind created for us! Omg, I need my Daddy♡ 

If I could make it happen… He would be under my tree, naked, waiting for me to come home, a big red bow on Him, I pull the ribbon, and viola a naked Daddy before me. I’m all smiles. The room is toasty, cuz there’s a fire going, a nice plate of fruit and cheeses for us to enjoy. As we share with each other, lay on the floor, facing each other.. He’s tugging at my clothes, so we are both exposed to each other. The art of the tease is that while talking to me ,His hand will graze my thigh and make me quiver. He will reach over and taste my lips ,and kiss me like I’m sweet as candy. Once He’s ready for us to enjoy the rest of the night, it’s time to be tied up by Him, used how He wants. It’s my pleasure! And my pain, all for His enjoyment.

After being fucked, as He always pleases me so. We adjourn back to the fire, with a blanket and plate of food. As He holds me, brings me back to earth, gives me sustenance as He just took all He wanted from me. He is a giver. 

This would make me happier, than anything He could ever buy me. Maybe snap a pic ,so I can remember  it always♡

Love you Daddy

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