I’m so happy He’s in my life♡

It’s not hard to comprehend that those of us in the lifestyle,  when we find the right person, we just know it. It works. But what if we take the lifestyle out of it, just exam the man. Interesting…

Here’s what I see with my man…

He loves His kids, nothing sexier than a man who adores, works hard for those in His life.
He has these moments when He’s a dork too, we belong together!
He’s a hard worker, this seems to be a rare thing anymore. He might play video games, but ppl are still more important to Him.
He’s always a gentleman,  I’m so not used to that. He knows when to be gentle with me, and when He can be harder with me.
He reminds me each day that I’m on His mind, that He sees me as beautiful.
After a disagreement or fight, we get over it quickly, drop it, we don’t bring it up again.
He surprises me.makes me feel special, and He always gives me what I need.
He knows I’m patient when He’s busy, and I won’t make Him feel guilty,  He comments about that. But why would I do that? If I really love Him, like I say I do, then reality is that I must give Him time to get stuff done, not push my own agenda. Plus He notices and makes time for us so special.  He loves me!
He puts the kids first. We swore this to each other when we met, we meant it.
I’m so proud of Him. He’s let me know that I’m all He wants, I can relax and not worry that He’s cheating on me. I love that. I feel important to Him.
He’s romantic. The way He holds me, says things, texts things.
He gave me time/patience, knew I had been hurt in the past. He has guided me through some storms in my life.
He has helped me to let go of regret,anger,worry,fear,blame.
He makes me laugh, shows me how when I don’t want to.
He makes a safe place for me to cry, when it’s been needed.
There are times when He leads and He has me follow,  but there are times when He makes me stand on my own 2 feet and face what’s going on. He wont let me hide from life.
He expects the best from me.
He believes in me. Omg does He!
He knows I like to make Him feel special to, and He makes a safe place for me to do just that.
He knows He could hurt me, I know He could, He’s got the mental/physical strength, yet He’s so gentle with me.
He has this tough love side of Him, He wont take my crap, or excuses. He expects me to get back to life now.
He knows me, studies me, listens to me, reads my writings, He can even read between the lines at the stuff I don’t say/write. It’s unnerving. I trust Him.
When He says I love you, those are empty words, or said out of habit.  He backs them up with actions.

See, I haven’t even touched on sex, or the lifestyle! All that I see in Him, is all I ever wanted in a man. He is the man of my dreams. The man I want to be with. The man I choose each day. The man I share with, even the deepest darkest things and still feel cared for and loved.
He comforts me when I’m scared. He’s happy for me, when I’m brave. He’s proud of me, even when I doubt myself. He doesn’t let me quit, when I hate the world. He calms me when I let things get the best of me. He spoils me, let’s me have my way sometimes, when He just knows I need it. He let’s me be my strong self, or helps me when my weak side is showing. He’s knows I’m loyal, I don’t look around and wonder if I’m missing something,  He’s all I want / all I need. I’m proud to be His, He could have anyone and He chose me.

Now, if I was to add the lifestyle back in, this gets much longer. I have the best Daddy/Master, boyfriend in the whole world. You will just have to take my word for it. He really is the man I love.



3 thoughts on “I’m so happy He’s in my life♡

  1. Cara says:

    You call him Daddy, and what does he call you? Not that I place such a high value on titles, just that I’m curious, as someone into the DD/lg lifestyle myself (although single and woefully unfulfilled).

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