What happened today, was surreal

I had a very relaxed morning. Did the usual stuff, nothing out of the ordinary. I asked Daddy if I could have pizza for lunch, my oldest was bored at work, so we made plans to eat together at his work.

What happened… I walked to a convenience store near me, I go into it all the time. I know the owner and workers quite well. Once out of my car, I call my son see what he wants to drink. My son hears the same yelling and screaming I do within minutes of entry. He asks what’s going on. I tell him ,it appears some guy stole stuff from the store, owner caught him on security screen. Called cops. This agitated the guy. I am not near him, til He moves to the door, now he’s blocking my way out. I am reaching into my bag , I’m always carrying a weapon. I don’t have guns at this time, but I do believe in them. I have a knife and a baton. Both can do a lot of harm and be deadly , if you know how to use them and I do. My flight or fight feeling goes thru my mind,  I’m looking at this asshole for a sign of a weapon. My son still on the phone is listening to everything. Asks me if I have a plan to get out.

I say,  ” I cant, I’m stuck in here, He’s blocking my way out. There are  guys in a truck, I think they are waiting for him, cops are in route, I can’t leave these people anyway.”

I was the only one armed. Everyone near me showed signs of fear.

My thought was where will I stick my knife in his body. I’m close enough to him if he moves. Baton upside the head, leg sweep, He’s down.

He surprises us all, runs out of the store. The owner seeing my knife , asked if I was ok.

” I’m doing better than you” I tell him

We both smile. I knew cops were called, there were enough ppl inside. I left.

I was shaken up. Haven’t had to deal with things like this for quite sometime. I knew I wanted to own another gun, that will be one of the things I do for me soon.

I did have thoughts of my kids, my Daddy, what would they say that I refused to leave to protect others, not just myself. Karma… putting some good into the world.

When I got my son, we were talking about what happened. What my plan of attack was.

My son smiled at me, says, ” I have such a bad ass and dangerous mom”. I smiled at that… does he have any idea:)

Weird day, but no one was hurt.

4 thoughts on “What happened today, was surreal

  1. Holy schneikes! So glad you’re safe! ! ❤

  2. I totally agree with you! We need to have the right to carry weapons! Especially in today’s times! Glad you’re okay though for sure!

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