Our love is a fairytale Daddy

Daddy, was home today for some much needed rest. Once Daddy wanted me to spend the day with Him I felt like a princess, like this:


But once I got to Daddy, He reminded me of my rules. One of them is to clean Daddys house. So within moments of feeling like His princess, this is what came to mind:


So, I did as I was told, I cleaned Daddys house. I complained only a little. Daddy heard it a few times and asked me if I was complaining.  I quickly was out of the vincinity of where Daddy was , and let Him rest! I shouldn’t bother Daddy…

I got most of it done, Daddy seemed thrilled. I really was pretty happy thinking I was almost done. Then Daddy showed me the back room. Then the backyard, the storage area. Oh my, Daddy smiled that evil smile of His. Which told me He will be watching ,to make sure I get it all done.

Daddy and I got to spend some quality time together, it was hot!! As always. Then we started talking, we talked for quite sometime,  I really enjoyed that as well. Getting to know Daddy better, I like that. Usually He’s so tired when I see Him during a normal I feel guilty taking up His time, but I really liked talking to Daddy today.

I absolutely love this man, I’m so glad He’s in my life. I am so happy we both want long term. I have no intention of giving up.im excited about spending time with Him this week!

I love you Daddy, sorry your plans had to change. Hope that you still have an amazing week. I definitely want some more time with you!  





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