Thinking bout last night, this shit just got real

So, I got to spend the night at Daddys,first time. Since He told me to pack and basically hurry up, I did. I was excited, but nervous too. Another first for us.

Here’s how the night went!!
I packed for Daddys home, I was finally getting to spend the night. I was ready, heading out the door. I texted Daddy to let Him know I was on my way. Once I got there, well let’s just say , every time I see Him, I smile deep inside and think to myself, ‘damn, I’m a lucky girl, He’s gorgeous, makes me feel special, and I’m His.  Honestly, that’s what goes through my mind every time. I mean, everytime!

So, He walks over to me, kisses me! Damn, this is going to be fun! There was a moment when we weren’t sure if we should stay at Daddys to eat or go out. Daddy asked what I wanted,  I was hungry, ‘ let’s go out!’. So, Daddy took me to a place to eat, I even got to have pop! But when you haven’t had pop for so long it tastes funny as not as good as you

Once we got back we watched a movie, we had such a good time, I had seen it before, but still like it! That was fun. Daddy was reminded,by His friend, that He did have a prior engagement that night. I was fine with that,  it gave me time to be on task, as I had to get things done, Daddy would expect it. Once Daddy left, I started feeling very much at home, like I wanted to be the babygirl He comes home to, only I had never stayed over before, I didn’t know where anything was, so I also felt out of place. 

My task was to clean up Daddys home. The day before I had gotten a lot done, it looked worse than it was. I had most rooms done quickly,lots of picking things up, putting them where they belonged. I was glad that Daddy let me focus and get things done , cuz He did say ,if He wanted me to stop what I was doing and service Him, that I must. So, I was prepared. He didn’t do that, maybe He could tell I was very focused. I was, I didn’t like the thought that my Daddy was living with any mess, but He works crazy hours, not His fault. Plus I love to clean, and that feeling makes me feel right at home. I noticed quickly that I felt like I could clean after Him for the rest of my life. He appreciated my hard work! Never felt that before (by my ex), but Daddy is different.

So, Daddy got back later that night, and I was so happy to see Him. I was hungry and happy! Daddy quickly got us something to eat, then we adjourned to the bedroom. After I ate, I got to snuggle up to Daddy, I could do that forever. He makes me feel so safe, cared for,loved, appreciated as His property.  But I didnt finish cleaning His whole house, or laundry. But after eating and snuggling I was so tired, Daddy didn’t know that I had kept dosing off on His couch while He was gone. I haven’t been going to bed early. Either way I should have done things Daddys way, I wanted to sleep, Daddy wanted to have sex, and i was on task. Daddy let me go to sleep. I can see now how this was my problem, not Daddys, and I should have done things His way. I do serve Him, so I should expect that to come out on my ass. Damn…

But we did wake up early, I was horny! Usual for me, Daddy is always horny too. So sex was on! Although Daddy likes this certain toy, I hate it,  I usually think if I take my time getting it He will just let it go and fuck me. He doesn’t,  but at my house He demands it be waiting for Him. Now I see why. I so hate that toy. Also, being in a new place could I make noise?  Daddy gave me hints to let me know I was doing as He wanted, but same as my house, I was trying to hold back so I wasn’t to loud. My kids complain to me the next day, and I didn’t know if Daddys neighbors would complain to Him, about the loud noise coming from His home that sounded like some girl was being I’m loud! I did go ahead and just make all the noise I wanted,  it’s not often that I get to fuck Daddy at His place. He does have a roommate, and that person wouldn’t understand. Lol.

I did have a very nice time with my Daddy. My only problem was sleeping in a new place, not knowing my way around better for cleaning His home! But I know I love my Daddy. I did see that He works hard. All the time I think that He must just forget about me, cuz all I want is my Daddy, does He feel the same ,feeling comes over me, each day. Now I got a glimpse into Daddys world.
I loved being in His presence,  talking to Him, listening to things He’s passionate about. He even let us just be our vanilla selves, I hold back on that to. I know I can do vanilla ,but Daddy and I are not strictly vanilla so I don’t think I’m supposed to get used to that. I will have to ask Him. I can see myself living with Daddy, in any capacity.  Does He want me to think like that? Cuz it made it hard to want to go home. (Tears)

Here’s what gives me tears, even as I’m writing. I love waking up to this man, that scares me. Does He really want that himself? Does He want me to think like that? I’m a girl, we will think like that. Would I want to make this man happy for the rest of my life? Yes.  I had sworn these types of things off after marriage, not that I have to marry Daddy, but could I cook, clean, live with Him, still respect Him, give Him every part of me, be His?? Yes.
I remind myself it’s not this minute, but in the future, yes I can. Daddy felt like I was feeling something this morning, I was, but I needed to process it. I take my time processing. I will try to work on that, I know Daddy wants to know how I’m feeling,  He has every right. I don’t want to keep things from Him, but I didn’t even know this morning I felt this deeply about all these things. It makes sense now.

One thing I did love love love… being with Daddy, sleeping near Daddy, waking up to Daddy. I still feel like I’m right where I am supposed to be. HIS.

I get to see Daddy again this week. This writing makes me feel very exposed in front of Him. So, I do want to know how He feels. I could really listen to how He sees things too. I want to know!

Merry Christmas all of you who read my blog, hope you have a great holiday.

For me, I’m trying, ( tears are setting in), I miss my son, tomorrow is buying balloons for all of us to release Christmas morning, we have done it since my son died.  Love you babyboy, you are on my mind, in my heart. I love you J.E.


2 thoughts on “Thinking bout last night, this shit just got real

  1. Merry Christmas to you too! This is our first Christmas without my husband’s mom, I know it isn’t the same, but it is never easy to lose a loved one. I hope you and your family have a Wonderfully Happy Christmas! 🙂

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