My date tonight!!!

I have a date with these 2 wonderful people! Now, I do belong to Daddy, but I think this date He wont mind!! I’m making yummy healthy snacks, we will all be in pj’s. Laying on my bed, up very late,  hope Daddy won’t mind!!

It’s my kids! We always watch our xmas movies together, always the same ones. I love this time with them, see these are more things that money just cannot buy. I love things like that! They mean the most to me!!

Like spending time with Daddy too!!

So far it’s sounds like my date night will go great!!! The only I would want is Daddy at my date night with kiddos, but Daddy hates holidays too, He might get bored. Besides Daddy is fixing up His car! He got parts in, so I’m sure He’s a happy Daddy!!








These are in no particular


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